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Do you know about 6 biggest snakes of the world?

Snakes are fascinating creatures and have been living on the planet since the beginning of time. They play an essential role in balancing nature throughout the world. Snakes are reptiles that have totally amazing attributes despite having no external ears, eyelids, or legs. Snakes are characterized based on venom, length, size, color, and habitat. While you may have heard a lot about venomous snakes, some might even have been found in your locality or backyard, have you wondered what snake species are the largest and longest in the world? 

Although the largest snakes in the world are not venomous, they can kill a full-grown buffalo or a cow with ease. Their diet usually includes mammals and large birds, and they swallow their prey as a whole. 

If you are fascinated by the world of snakes and want to learn more about the largest snake species in the world, this post is for you. We have compiled a list of some of the largest snakes that have ever walked the planet. 

Let’s jump right into it. 

Reticulated Python

#1 Reticulated Python 

The reticulated python is known to be the longest snake in the world. In the wild, it has been recorded that reticulated pythons can grow up to a length of 32 feet or 10 meters, which is massive. They can weigh up to 160 pounds. While non-venomous, they contain thousands of tiny needle-like teeth in their mouth that help in gripping their prey as they swallow them whole. They are native to the jungles of Southeast Asia and their diet typically consists of reptiles, mammals, and occasionally birds. Like other reptiles, snakes grow throughout their lives, given that they have food in abundance. 

Amethystine Python

#2 Amethystine Python 

Amethystine python or scrub python is the second-largest snake species in the world and can reach up to 28 feet or 8.5 meters in length. They are native to Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. This is a popular species among reptile enthusiasts, and you will find them in most reptile parks across the globe. While they are large, their diet generally includes small mammals, rodents, bats, and birds. Females are larger as compared to males. 

Green Anaconda

#3 Green Anaconda 

Green anacondas are renowned for being the world’s heaviest snake species, reaching a maximum weight of 550 pounds when fully grown. This also makes them one of the world’s largest snake species as they can reach an impressive length of 23 feet or 7 meters. In the Amazons, many legends claim anacondas as a man-eater. However, there is little to no evidence to support this theory. It can swallow a full-grown human with ease, but there are no instances that prove it can kill a human. Unlike other snake species, green anacondas are aquatic and can thrive on both land and water. In fact, a green anaconda can stay in the water without moving for weeks just to catch its prey. Capybaras are their primary diet, but they also feast on other reptiles like caymans, mammals, birds, and fishes. 

biggest snakes of the world
African Rock Python

#4 African Rock Python 

African rock pythons are native to Africa and are one of the largest snakes on the planet. They can reach a maximum length of up to 23 feet or 7 meters. They got their name because they prefer living in between the rocks and caves made by other animals. One African rock python was reportedly seen having a juvenile Nile crocodile (1.5 meters) in its stomach. They can get big if they are provided with enough food source.  

biggest snakes of the world
Burmese Python

#5 Burmese Python 

Burmese python lives in South-East Asia and is highly popular among snake enthusiasts. They are non-venomous and can reach a maximum length of 15 feet. They usually eat rodents, rabbits, small mammals, and birds. They are slow movers, but their patterns are so misleading that they easily camouflage under leaves and rocks. They are also excellent climbers and can climb trees in search of food. 

biggest snakes of the world
Indian Rock Python

#6 Indian Rock Python 

Indian rock python comes from the same species like the Burmese python and can be found in the jungles of India. They can reach a maximum length of 15 feet, and their diet usually includes small mammals, birds, and rodents. In rural areas in India, they create a huge problem. They are often found in the chicken coops and where the livestock is kept. 

Which is the longest snake ever lived? 

60 million years ago, a giant crawled the floors of the grasslands and rainforests. It was called the Titanoboa. Titanoboa was the largest and longest snake that ever survived on this planet. The fossils of the gigantic snake were found in the rainforests of Columbia. Biologists claim that Titanoboa would measure up to 49 feet or 15 meters in length and weigh a little over 2500 pounds.

Full-size representation of a Titanoboa – Disclosure

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