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Everything you will ever want to know about Dodo

We often speak of the Dodo bird that was flightless once and got extinct a few years ago. But have you ever wondered where they came from, how they were discovered, and when did the dodo bird go extinct? 

The tale of the Dodos goes back millions of years ago when they began to evolve. Soon, they started spreading in diverse corners, but it didn’t last long for them. If you are curious to know more about them, you have to read further to unleash more. So, let us dig into it!

All About Dodos That You Need to Know 

Here is a list of facts about Dodos that will help you know them better.

What does their name mean?

Do you remember the Ice Age Dodo bird, the character of Disney movies? They don’t look very smart, do they? We often contemplate the term dodo as stupid or dumb. However, that is not the true meaning of this term. The name ‘Dodo’ came to be known in the 17th century by Portuguese as it comes from a Portuguese term called Doudo, meaning simpleton. 

Realistic dodo bird image recreation

What did they look like?

Dodos were flightless birds that went into extinction during the 16th century. They are said to be relatives of the modern Pigeons. These forest-dwelling species survived on two legs with their family species in the Macrene Islands and Reunion. They were said to be large birds with a beak either yellow or colourless. We also know that they weighed around 50 pounds and had compact yellow legs. 

How did they thrive?

With short and thick wings, it became difficult for these birds to make a flight. They also had blue-grey plumage and had curly feathers that looked beautiful on them. Like the Ostrich and Kiwi, even they had short breasts that made it difficult for them to fly. Thus, they generally walked on the Islands in search of food and shelter. It is said that Dodos ate too many fruits and survived adequately even during the worst seasons.

It is said that Dodos mostly thrived on fruits as they were herbivores. However, they also ate nuts, seeds, bulbs and roots to survive. 

How did they evolve?

More than 26 million years ago, these birds found their solace in the Indian Ocean while exploring it. Since it was a predator-free area with abundant food, they found this place suitable for living. Over the years, their descendants continued to grow and become heavier in no time. Their wings became more minor; their beaks grew larger. Thus, they soon started to transform and evolve in their respective ways. The Dodos are known to be endemic to Mauritius that is 500 miles from the Eastern Coast of Madagascar. Usually, they loved being in the forest but they would also occasionally visit the shoreline for recreation.  

When did the dodo bird go extinct? How did the dodo bird go extinct?

Initially when they were found in the Marcene Islands, they had no predators. Also, there was an abundance of food and the weather was also pleasant for them. Thus, they continued to reside there until humans started to invade the place for shelter. Therefore, when the Dutch sailors began landing on the Island in 1598, the Dodos got into potential risk. The fact that Dodos were not usually scary made them expose themselves to worse conditions. They roamed about freely everywhere and, thus, became easy prey for humans and other animals there. Humans soon started killing them for hunting purposes and food. 

Gradually, the Dodos begin to go into declination. Soon, it was found by the year 1690 that the Dodos were extinct. However, they also went extinct due to lack of food and shelter after the humans invaded their place. So, their ecosystem was destroyed soon after. 

Realistic dodo bird image recreation

Why were they known to be mythical creatures? 

Dodos were known to be mythical creatures a few years ago as there was no sign of existence. Thus, people thought that they were made-up like the Phoenix and the Unicorn. For the French also, they only seemed to be a product of excessive imagination. Thus, it was from the 19th century that people started to see them in Museums. So, people started recognizing it as an extinct creature. Scientists discovered fossils of Dodo in 1832 that made their existence evident. However, the debate is still ongoing in many parts of the world among ordinary people.  

Dodo bird verdict

Dodos were fairly exciting animals, and we wish they existed so that we could take a look at them. However, there were many reasons why they got extinct in the first place. Even today, there is a lot to discover about these unique creatures that lived in Mauritius. However, you can visit the museums to see the fossils and remains that continue to be well-preserved in these regions. Thus, the dodo bird verdict is that these creatures had a wonderful life before humans invaded their land and began sheltering themselves. Ultimately, that led to their demise. 

If you’re a movie fan, you’re probably familiar with the Ice Age dodo bird that appeared in several scenes. Would you have wanted to see an alive dodo bird yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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