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6 Spooky ghost animals that are real

Most animals are adorable beings. They love humans, play with their furry friends and eat good food. But some of them end up being quite the opposite. They are so spooky and creepy looking that you are more likely to run away than petting them. What are these mysterious ghost animals that we are talking about here? If you can’t help but want to know more about it, this article is for you. Make sure you read it until the end for more. You are bound to get help in need. 

Image credit: Sardaka/Wikimedia
  1. Ghost Bat 

Have you ever heard of a ghost bat? If not, now you know. Ghost bats are also known as false vampire bats that live in the night skies of Australia. Although they look like they are going to end up doing something creepy, they are pretty harmless. They are covered in grey fur and have button-like eyes that make them look adorable sometimes. These creatures are more likely to feast on other bat species and insects. They may even eat giant reptiles, frogs and birds. Since they have powerful bites, they can feed on these animals without any inconvenience. 

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  1. Ghost Crab 

Ghost crabs are nothing like the crabs you get to eat in the most famous seafood restaurants. They are cute but creepy too. Although ghost crabs can’t harm you too much, their sting can hurt a bit. So, you might need to treat the crab with respect when it is around. Unlike most other crabs, these creatures are unable to swim in the waters. That is why you are more likely to find them on the land. These crabs can also see forward and backward at the same time. That is one of the most striking features. 

Ghost sharks are targeted by commercial fisheries off New Zealand.
Photo © Doug Perrine
  1. Ghost Shark 

These sharks look dreadful, and at first sight, you might want to escape. They have staring eyes and a body that looks like it is stitched together. They are also scary because of the way they look at you with those sharp eyes. These sharks live deep inside the ocean waters and do not see sunlight at all. However, they are rarely visible because they live so deep inside the ocean. It is also quite large, has snouts and has deadly teeth to eat their predators. These sharks also tend to glow in the dark because of their weird body. These are naturally relatives of rays and sharks. 

  1. Ghost Frog 

Perhaps the creepiest of all in this list, Ghost Frogs have yellow spots all over them. Also, did you know that the skin on their stomach is almost transparent? So, you can see through it without any worries. Although they are too tiny, you can find them in many parts of South Africa. But beware, as these frogs tend to have poison in them. Generally, these frogs are around 2.5 inches big and may take two years for the toddlers to grow. You are most likely to find these beings in moist ravines, natural forests and valleys. So, if you are interested in seeing them, you can find them anytime there. We promise; you will like to observe them. 

  1. Ghost Moth 

These creepy creatures are also quite fascinating for you to observe in Europe. Generally, the females are larger than the males and have differences in size and colour. They are pretty small species and maybe around 2.5 to 2.7 inches. You can also find these creatures in Britain. They primarily feed on the roots of crops and other types of vegetation. They love to live in grassy regions. But you will be shocked to know that they only live for a day. Fungi, decaying wood, and plant residues are some of the main foods they eat. 

  1. Ghost Owl

The Barn Owl is known for its several colourful names that make it famous all across the globe. These owls look different from most others. That is why they are so popular today. However, you can find them in many parts of the world without any hesitation. They have white masks like faces and sharp noses too. But it is a myth that these owls can see ghosts or can turn into one. So, do not believe any of that if you ever come across such stuff. 


These were some of the most common creepy creatures that are spooky and real. We hope you loved reading about them. If you liked reading about it, do go visit them in the different regions as we have mentioned above. We promise you it will be a moment worth cherishing forever. Although they are a bit spooky, they are quite fun to observe. So, why miss out on that?