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8 Most beautiful birds in the world that will make awestruck

We are blessed to live on a planet that is granted with astonishing biodiversity. The earth is abundant with unique plants’ and animals’ species that make our planet a beautiful place to be.

When it comes to birds, you can find a plethora of alluring species that are bound to capture your attention. If you ask which is the most beautiful bird in the world, the answer would definitely vary as there are a bunch of birds that can make you awestruck. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the pretty birds in the world that make themselves stand out from the crowd due to their attractive specifications. 

Hyacinth Macaw

1- Hyacinth Macaw

First up on the list is this alluring macaw that is 100 cm long and is considered the largest flying parrot. They generally live in semi-open areas and are among the endangered species. The cobalt blue plumage and the yellow rings around their eyes make them attractive. They have a long, till and curved black bill. At first sight, the Hyacinth Macaw is a god’s marvel. 

Wood Duck

2 – Wood Duck

This duck species got its name from its woody skin color. The wood duck is definitely the most stunning duck in the world. They have a brownish-greyish head with white speckled breast and belly. Male ducks are more attractive than females, and they use their colorful plumage to attract females. These ducks are largely found in North American regions. There are some specific zoos in America where you can spot these animals. 

Bohemian Waxwing

3 – Bohemian Waxwing

It is a medium-sized bird that sings and is better known for its crested head and mask. Bohemian waxwings are brown in color with yellow and white edging. You can easily spot them in Eurasia and North America. They use tree branches for nesting. As they are songbirds both male and female have high pitched voices. Bohemian waxwing is a beautiful creature that humans adore. 

Blue Jay

4 – Blue Jay

You must recognize this stunning bird due to its beautiful blue color. These are both alluring and intelligent animals you will find in the world. They have white blue and black plumage that makes them unique. Blue jays got their names from their unique “jay-jay” like calls. Also, you can hear them imitating the voices of other bird species as well. They are called the social birds that are only found in small flocks, except during migration. 

Atlantic Puffin

5 – Atlantic Puffin

It is a small and well-adapted sea bird that is generally spotted in the Northern United and Eastern Canadian coasts. Some also call them “sea parrot” as they have multi-colored bills and penguin-like body color. They look adorable when they flap their wings in water to swim underwater as a well on the surface. Atlantic puffins are also amazing fliers; to be precise they can reach up to 55 miles in an hour. 

Keel-Billed Toucan

6 – Keel-Billed Toucan

If you talk about birds with stunning bills in the world, Keel-billed Toucan will top the list. They have a multi-colored beak that reaches up to 20 cm. These toucans are also known as rainbow-billed due to their chromatic bills. Even with a heavy appearance, their beaks are light and hollow. You will find them in the Central and South American regions. 


7 – Peacock

There is no need for an introduction for these beguiling birds. They are globally famous for their stunning feathers. There are three different types of peacock species – Indian, green peafowl, and Congo. Male peacocks are blessed with colorful feather tails that they proudly boast to attract females. Peacocks grow up to 5 feet long and one of the largest flying birds. Around the rainy season, you can see peacocks dancing by spreading their feathers. 


8 – Flamingo

These are well-known for their long legs and curved necks. Flamingos are the most popular wading bird in the world. There are almost six different flamingo species that only experts can differentiate. They can grow up to 4-5 feet tall and weigh around 3.5 kg. They have long legs that help them stay on the surface of the water. The long beaks help them to catch fish. Their pinkish plumage makes them even more attractive.                                        

The Bottom Line

Birds are a great sight to watch. While each bird has some unique features, there are a bunch of birds who make themselves entirely unique from others. Whether it is their color or bizarre body, there are many birds that you can call gorgeous and stunning. 

The above mentioned were a few birds found in different corners of the world and globally famous for their attractive features.

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