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Animals that can live even after death

There are many animals we see or hear of. Some of them astound us with their fantastic colour-changing abilities or ways to prey on other animals. But did you know that many animals can even live after their death? Yes, that is possible, and you will be surprised to know-how. Let us read further to spot who these creatures are in reality. 

  1. Bees 

Most of us may have seen a bee going from living to dead in a span of a few minutes. But did you know that bees can still sting you after they die? This is because even after the bee is dead, it has its stinging abilities active. Their venom delivery system also remains unaffected for most parts. That is why we often say that even if the bee is dead, stay away from it. You may still be closer to getting stung at any given time. 

  1. Chickens 

Ask any farmer, and they will tell you how a dead chicken can also be alive for some time. Even when they are finished, and their heads are cut out, chickens can go running around. As funny as this may sound, chickens look weird after running when their heads are cut out. This genuinely doesn’t mean that chickens are zombies. It only means the butcher has not cut the chicken properly. So, if the butcher cuts the chicken’s head from a height, it may not have been able to kill the chicken properly. Also, if the butcher misses the junglar, the chicken can even continue to breathe. Naturally, the chicken will eventually die because it won’t eat or drink anything, but there have been cases where such chickens have even survived for over 18 months. Can you believe that? 

  1. Snakes

We often feel like if we chop a snake’s head off, we will be better off and prevent ourselves from any killing. But did you know that its head and fangs still have the potential to bite you? They may also be able to provide deadly venom even when it has separated from its entire body. So, if you are anywhere close to this snakehead, you are likely to get killed by their bite. Also, it may be worse if it leaves venom in your body, and you have no way to escape that. As such, we advise you to stay away from this as far as possible. 

  1. Flatworms 

You will be shocked to know that they are likely to reproduce two more flatworms when you cut off flatworms. Also, did you know that they can also build any part of their body back? So, even if you cut them into 20 pieces, they will create a replica of themselves. Since it sounds so scary, a few researchers tried to experiment with this to see if it was true. They found out that it does create replicas and makes them resemble each other vividly. If you spot one, make sure you see them make this happen. It can look quite fascinating. 

  1. Cockroach 

Most of us may have already seen this around us. Cockroaches also tend to continue living when they die. They can also go on to live without any problem even if they do not have ahead. As such, they may even live up for weeks or so. Since they do not have any blood inside them, their wounds may heal independently with no actual loss for them. That is why it is so easy for them to survive without any hindrance. They may also be able to eat, drink and heal with their heads cut off. 

  1. Octopuses 

You may have seen several videos online where octopuses are being chopped off, and they still keep moving ahead. So, octopuses that survive aren’t the real problem, but their wily arms are dangerous. So, when these arms get consumed by anyone, they can have a horrible day ahead. All of this is because the octopus has a unique central nervous system. So, their nerve cells reside in the tentacles. So, even after the arms are not connected to the brain anymore, they may react to stimuli. 

  1. Salamander 

Salamanders are known for living a long life without any hindrance. They are also known for immortality in numerous ways. It is believed that these creatures can regenerate their body parts which can be pretty weird to look at. They also possess an eerie potential to restore any aspect of their body that may have been separate from their bodies. Such a thing occurs due to the presence of a particular protein in them. 

The bottom line 

These are some of the most intriguing creatures that may continue to be alive even after they die. If you found this fascinating, give it another good read. We promise; it is always worth it.

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