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Cats: the 10 rarest breeds in the world

If you thought only dogs came in the rarest of breeds, you’ve been mistaken. Many rare adorable cat breeds will make you wish you had more of them to cuddle. You may be clinging on to your cat and saying, “Ours is the best,” but wait till you take a peek into these munchkins. We promise; these breeds will make your day. 

Since these breeds are rare, they also come at pretty high prices. So, if you are ready to spend a fortune on them, they are yours to keep. 

1. Norwegian Forest Cats 

If you can’t do with the cats that demand total attention, cuddling, loving, these cats are going to be your favorite forever. Norwegian Forest cats are the most adorable species with their gentle and friendly nature. Although they were nearly declared extinct in WWII, they continue to exist as a rare breed. Generally, they have a lifespan between 12 to 16 years and may weigh anything between 13 to 22 pounds. They love family members and are athletic climbers. So, if you do not find your cat anywhere, look for them at the highest reaching points in your place. They may be cuddled up all cozy. 

2. Serengeti Cats

Loyal, energetic, and agile, the Serengeti cats are all things favorite. Since they are highly athletic, they need their fair share of firm time by playing and jumping around. Although these cats are a little shy initially, they can be the best pets when they bond with their human friends. Most Serengetis weigh nearly 8 to 15 pounds. But you must be careful when you get these cats home as they love to dart around the home at high speed. 

3. Korat Cats

Korat Cats are a good-luck charm in their native country, Thailand. Korat cats are generally brilliant and opinionated. Like every other cat, they love to climb on high reaching points of the home and enjoy themselves. They also love to make companions. If they feel lonely, they may end up with depression and other mental health conditions. So it is significant to take care of them. Otherwise, they are highly energetic and love to learn new tricks from their owner.


4. American Wirehair Cats

American Wirehair Cats are mighty with heavy muscles and a thick appearance. These pleasant cats love to bond with their owners and have a constant playful mood. They are also very easy-going and calm. Generally, they may live for 7 to 12 years, and they can tolerate being alone as well. SO, you do not need to give them attention constantly. These cats are also very affectionate and love basking under the sun. But you will rarely see them in many households because they are one of the rarest breeds. 

5. Havana Brown Cats 

These cats are scarce, and sources suggest that only 1000 of these cats exist in the world. They have a very alert appearance due to their large, round-tipped ears. Generally, these cats can live up to 8 to 13 years. These cats are very playful and may do away with their favorite toy alone. However, you have to make sure their nutrition is under control. Otherwise, they can gain weight massively. 

6. Burmilla Cats

These medium-sized cats require minimal care, and they can still be your favorite companion. They are also extremely affectionate and sweet, which makes many owners demand them. They are also good climbers and jumpers and love their daily playtime. It is significant to brush them daily to remove the dead hair from their body and stop shedding. These cats also love being adored by their family members and owners. 

7. Turkish Van Cats 

Although the Turkish cat has been around for many centuries now, they are a rare breed. These cats are lovely, energetic and athletic. So, you may have a good time playing with them. They can even live for more years than an average cat for about 13 to 17 years. Although these cats require a lot of timely attention, they can be a perfect match to keep your family happy and cheerful all the time. 

8. LaPerm Cats 

LaPerm cats are unique-looking cats that are small. They generally reach maturity after two to three years, but they are clever. They are also very playful and are somewhat of a mischief-maker. But these cats are not clingy, but they will follow you around everywhere. These are moderately active cats, and enjoy collecting items that you throw towards them. Generally, they are very affectionate, patient and gentle so you will have a good time with them. 

9. Chartreux Cats

These are silent but communicative cats that love being silly. They are very attentive, acrobatic, and appreciative of the attention given to them. Although they don’t use their voice much, they communicate with a tiny meow or chirp. It is also a very adaptable cat and has a polite disposition overall. 

10. Minskin Cats

Minskin cats are rare but they are very lovable and playful. They have a height of around 7 to 8 inches, weight of 4 to 6 pounds and may live for up to 15 years at max. They are very engaging and affectionate so owners are bound to have a great time with them as well.

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