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Curiosities about dinosaurs: Top 10

Dinosaurs didn’t just exist millions of years ago but also roamed the blue planet before man’s existence. But in this modern era, these prehistoric creatures have become pretty popular. From cartoons and stories to games and blockbuster movies, they are everywhere. 

On the other hand, you will be surprised to know that the dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 million years, and humans have been living on earth for 66 million years. But the cause of their extinction has become a highly debatable topic among the experts. Many claimed they were wiped off from the earth due to a massive asteroid. Others believe a disruption in the food chain or volcanism led to their extinction. 

Dinosaurs: The biggest, fastest, and meat-eating creatures ever to exist

There were numerous types of dinosaurs that lived on this earth. Some were known for their speed and massive size, and others were known for being a carnivore. Want to know which are these prehistoric titans? Look at the information below. 

1.  T-Rex – The meat-eating creature: T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the dangerous dinosaurs of all time. Thanks to movies like Jurassic Park, the T-Rex gained plenty of popularity across the globe. Its name translates to “inquisitor lizard king,” and it is a carnivore. The creature loves to chase around its prey and use its power arm and small jaw to devour its prey. 

2.  Styracosaurus – Dino with a green diet: The Styracosaurus existed during the Cretaceous EraEra. According to the geological period, it’s 70 million years. The most unique thing about this EraEra is that it came to an end after 66 million years. The Styracosaurus was also the last of the dinosaurs and had a plant-based diet.

3.  Dreadnoughtus – The biggest dinosaur: Dreadnoughtus was one of the biggest titanosaurs. This prehistoric creature was 85 feet long and weighed around 65 tons, which is 59 metric tons. The creature got its name from the rock deposits found in the Southern-region of Patagonia, Argentina, which can be traced back to 77 million years ago.

Velociraptor claw

4.  Velociraptor – The Usain Bolt of Jurassic era: When it comes to Velociraptor, you are pretty familiar with this dinosaur. It’s the star from the infamous kitchen scene from the movie Jurassic Park. Velociraptors are known for being the most polished and fastest predators that oozed intelligence and agility. It had deadly curved toes, and they hunted in packs.

5.  Troodon – The dino with a small body and deadly bite: If you think that deadliness comes in bulk, you are so wrong. The Troodon was a willy whippet, which had the highest brain-to-body ratio when it comes to weight. They had big orb-like eyes, which provided them with superior vision. They were meat-eating dinosaurs and used to hunt in packs.

6.  Argentinosaurus – The largest land animal: Argentinosaurus is dubbed as the gigantic dinosaurs of all time. It’s mainly because it weighed between 90 to 100 metric tons and was around 121 feet to 131 feet in length. A rancher in Argentina discovered its fossils in 1987, which he mistook as a big chunk of petrified wood. The Argentinosaurus ate leafy plants and grass. 

7.  Saltasaurus – The dino from Salta: The Saltasaurus big herbivore whose remains were discovered in Salta, Argentina. It’s a titanosaur and is pretty tiny in size when compared with other titanosaur species. Even though many titanosaurs relied on their sheer size to dissuade the predators from attacking, Saltasaurus had its own safeguarding procedure. The creature is a plant-eater and weighs around 7.7 tons, and 40 to 50 feet long. 

Credit: archosaurmusings

8.  Raptorex – The cousin of T-Rex: The Raptorex or Raptors were the miniature versions of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. They are popular meat-eaters and originated from Asia. Some of their fossils were found in Mongolia and China. These were pretty terrifying, despite their small size. Along with their assassin hunting skills, they also had sharp tusks and were pretty fast.

9.  Giganotosaurus – The rival of T-Rex: Cousin of Carcharodontosaurus, was a deadly and terrifying creature and the antagonist of T-Rex. Even though they were a bit smaller in size when compared with their South American cousin, it’s pretty taller, slender, and longer than the T-Rex. It had a massive skull and was neurologically underdeveloped when compared with T-Rex. The teeth of this creature were concentrated and serrated and had the power to deliver copious detrimental slabs on its prey. 

10. Brachiosaurus – The fastest herbivore: Brachiosaurus might be a sizeable plant-eating dinosaur, but it’s mainly known for its speed. The dinosaur gained plenty of popularity after its cameo in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park. The dinosaur was one of the fastest four-legged creatures and had a speed of 10mph. It had a 30-foot-long neck, 82-foot-long body, and weighed around 62 tons. 

Final thoughts on dinosaurs

Even though there have been so many prehistoric titans that were known for their size, speed, on other hand, the majority of them were known for their hunting skills. The dinosaurs mentioned here will give you an idea about these giants on how they were and what they were like.