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Facts about crocodiles that will blow your mind way

Crocodiles are one of the creepiest creatures to dread, but the fact that they have survived through millions of years will always leave you impressed by their stubborn species. 

Shocking as it sounds, it is believed that these ferocious creatures have even survived an asteroid that wiped off the entire dinosaur race. So, it is alright to assume that crocodiles are as old as their extinct friends, Dinosaurs. 

Apart from hunting humans and other aquatic animals, these reptiles can do many more that remain unknown for so long. Let us help you discover them all! 

Crocodiles: A Ferocious Pack Of Animals To Explore 

  1. Dinosaurs and Crocodiles are relatives

Oh, yes! This one may have shocked you, but studies prove it. They may be reptiles, but they are said to have been on two feet initially and shorter forelimbs. However, with time the situation changed, and they evolved to have four feet now. 

  1. They sleep with their mouth open

Most days, you will find crocodiles along the shores, sleeping with their mouth wide open. But do not worry, this doesn’t mean they are dead. Most crocodiles sleep this way to release heat as they do not sweat often. Thus, they use this as a way to cool down a bit. This process is known as mouth gaping. So, when you see a crocodile again lying like that, do not run to help them. They might attack you instead! 

  1. Their bite is the strongest, EVER

We already know that crocodiles have massive jaws that help them crack through meat instantly. But did you know that their jaws can apply 5000pounds of pressure per square inch? So, its bite is ten times more powerful than a great white shark’s mouth. However, their muscles to open the jaws are too weak, and it slows down their entire chewing process altogether. 

  1. Their babies make noises even before they hatch

Crocodile babies can be noisy even before they are hatched. So, they will try to make noises from within the eggs to alert their mothers about their availability to be hatched well. Such a thing helps crocodile mothers dig them up from the sand and defend them until they are hatched nicely. This allows them to stay safe and well-protected. 

  1. The phrase ‘Crocodile tears’ is genuine

Often, you may have heard people say, “don’t shed crocodile tears.” That indicates false tears that are not backed by genuine emotions. The same is the case with crocodiles. When these beastly creatures chew food, the air gets pushed through their sinuses into their tear ducts. This makes their eyes leak, which look like they are crying. But that is not true. They are only shedding leakage through their tears. That is how the term ‘crocodile tears’ came to exist.  

  1. They feast on an assortment of meat

Crocodiles are exceptional predators and love feasting on a variety of animals, including us humans. Rats, fish, frogs, and birds probably serve as starters for them. They also feast on Locusts and crustaceans on a regular note. Many giant creatures also fall prey to these monsters quickly due to their massive jaws that help them tear down meat in no time. 

They also inherit a standout quality to chew and break off food into tiny bits like no other animal. But you will be shocked to know that these beasts can survive for months even without feasting on the smallest creatures. They are demanding brats to beat!

  1. They are speedy swimmers

If you take crocodiles for granted, don’t. These beasts are also good swimmers that can swim at a speed of 35kilometers per hour. Their webbed feet with rudders help them to move to a FRO in no time. Oh, and their muscular tails help them to propel them in water like a professional. So, they are pretty talented animals, after all. 

  1. Crocodiles and Alligators are different 

Most people assume that crocodiles and alligators are the same because they both look pretty alike. But the reality is that upon closer inspection, you may be able to find tremendous differences between them. 

They are distant relatives, which makes them look similar to one another but they have differently shaped snouts and teeth. While the crocodile has V-shaped noses and visible teeth, Alligators have U-shaped snouts with invisible teeth. 

  1. Crocodile skin is damn expensive

Crocodile skin is highly precious to humans and can be used to make top-notch quality products like purses and bags. So, if you buy bags made of their leather, it will cost you anything around $15,000 for sure. But I will forcibly ask you to not buy products made of animal skin or other parts! It hurts them.

The Bottom Line 

These fascinating creatures are all things ferocious. They can even go on to live for eight years and more. We hope that these facts could help you unleash all about these beastly creatures that you may have wished to know.

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