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First time cat owner? These are the best breeds to start with

If you are a cat person, getting your first cat can be an exciting experience. While cats are cute and cuddly, they do a lot of work. Unlike dogs, cats are not easy to train but are a little low maintenance. Before you bring home a cat, please note that they need a lot of attention and love. You need to know everything from how to care for them, what and when to feed them, and how to ‘train’ them, and how to keep them entertained while you are gone for hours. The cat breed you choose plays a vital role in making your life as a cat mom/dad easier. Different breeds have different temperaments. One good thing about cats is that they love their personal space. So, they can live alone for hours if you are not there. 

Nevertheless, finding the right breed is important because it will play a crucial role in which environment you are going to put your cat in. With that said, we have compiled a list of the most popular cat breeds that you should look into before bringing home a cat. 

Let’s jump right into it. 


#1 Persian Cats 

Persians are the most popular cat breed on the planet. They look like adorable stuffed animals and are so cute. And it is not just how beautiful they look; they have sweet personalities as well. But you will need to spend some time on their grooming. Because they have a long coat, they shed a lot, and if not brushed and washed, their fur form knots, which are then difficult to remove. So, if you can provide it with regular grooming, a Persian is the ideal cat to go with. They are super-compatible for apartment living or small abodes. They can take some time to warm up to their new environment. 


#2 Ragdolls 

Ragdolls are like dogs – they love their humans a bit too much. They will follow you around the house wherever you go. They are incredibly clingy. So, if you live alone, they are the perfect companion. Unlike Persians, they have a semi-long-haired coat. So, they are easy on the maintenance side. Nevertheless, you will have to spend time on their grooming. Ragdolls love to keep them clean, so you won’t have any problems with their grooming and cleaning. They can grow up to 15 pounds. 


#3 Siamese 

Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent and fun to have around. They are one of the most beautiful cat breeds out there. With their expressive, bright eyes and distinctive brown fur on their limbs and tail, they are super cute. Siamese is a chill companion with a super-relaxed personality. 

They love sitting on their owner’s lap and never hesitate to invade your privacy, whether you are working, sleeping, or watching television. In short, they can be a little clingy. But the love they shower is unmeasurable. You will love to have a Siamese around the house. Their curious and social nature is what makes them a unique cat breed. If you have other pets like a dog, they will instantly click with them. 

Maine Coon

#4 Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds out there. An adult Maine Coon can clock around 30 pounds. But, don’t go for their size – they are super-friendly, social, and playful. It is found that they have dog-like tendencies, such as playing fetch and walking on a leash. 

If you already have a dog and always wanted to include a cat in the family, Maine Coons are the ones to go with. Of all cat breeds, this breed is easy to train. They can easily adapt to different settings, love attention, and are smart. Grooming is one aspect where you would want to work on. They also have a little bit of temperament around strangers or when you invade their personal space. All cats are territorial, so they love their personal space, and Maine Coons are no different. 


#5 Sphynxes 

Sphynxes are not for everybody. They are a little unique and a lot more controversial. For starters, these are hairless cats, and for some, they are ugly. But they are not evil. Their genetics is what makes them unique. Because they are bald, they require little to no maintenance. And you don’t have to frustrate about cat hair everywhere. 

One of the characteristics of a Sphynx is that it loves human interactions more than other cats. They are playful, curious, and love their owners. Provide them with a good ear scratch, and you will get along just fine. But make sure that you invest in quality cat sweaters because when it gets cold, they don’t have a coat or fur to protect them.

This is a start. For first-time cat owners, these breeds are perfect considerations. You can research about each cat regarding their personalities and traits to make an informed decision. 

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