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Interesting facts to learn About Butterflyfish (Chelmon Rostratus)

The Butterflyfish (Chelmon Rostratus) belongs to a family of all the distinct tropical aquatic animals found in and around the coral reefs. Being named after a beautiful, distinct creature- butterfly- this fish species is mesmerizing and perceptible to look at. This aquarium fish is extremely well-known for its vibrant appearance and obedient personality. 

In this article, we will learn a lot more. 

Some intriguing features and fun facts to know about the Butterflyfish

The Butterflyfish is truly amazing and a ‘treat to the eyes’ to look at. Along with their appearance, their distinct nature, behavior, and lifestyle also make them stand out from the other fish species. So, if you want to learn about this type of fish in great detail, make sure to read this article until the very end. We have provided a list of everything you must know about this fish so that you do not get to miss out on anything. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to find out more and be amazed for yourself. 

  1. The Butterflyfish holds utmost resemblance to the wings of a butterfly. It is known to have an around but flat body, a pelvis and protruding fins around the back. It is also renowned for having dorsal fins with sharp spines to defend itself from predators. This type of fish also has small rows of bristles-like teeth. Some of this variety of fishes also have long jaws and snots to get hold of their prey. 
  2. The largest variety of the Butterflyfish is not more than a foot or a length of 8 inches. The most common colors of this fish include orange, blue, yellow, and white, along with dark contrasting lines and huge spots in the back. 
  3. The Butterflyfish is most commonly found In and around all of the world’s coral reefs. Most of its species are adapted to live in the corals, but a few of them also inhabit the lagoons, seagrass beds, and mudflats. The largest number of these species is found in the Pacific territory between Taiwan and Australia. While there are only 13 species that inhabit the Atlantic ocean, around four species can be found in the Eastern Pacific. They usually prefer shallow and warm water, less than 65 feet deep located near estuaries and shores. Though this is the case for almost all species, some of them can manage in waters up to 650 feet deep. 
  4. Since they promote feeding at the bottom layer of the sea, they have developed all types of jaw shapes and sizes to feed. Their favorite types of food include worms, sponges, algae, plankton, and coral polyps. 
  5. This type of fish usually falls prey to eels, sharks, snappers, and other large fishes. They often tend to hide within small crevices around coral reefs if so is the case. To safeguard themselves from danger and deal with threats, they have evolved to develop toxins, armors, and spines. 
  6. One of the special features of this type of fish is to change colors all by themselves during night and day. The brightness of their colors becomes dim during nights to blend with the colors of the coral reef. Their bodies become brighter when the fish feel alienated, provoked, or annoyed. They are active during the daytime while they spend their nights hiding in crevices to protect themselves from predators. 
  7. Though they are highly territorial, they usually travel in pairs or as a group while hunting for food or protection against predators. They entirely depend upon their sight to search for their prey and are also involved in communication with others of the same type. 
Species of the Butterfly fish you must know about

There are about 115 species of this type of fish in total, each one of them being very distinct in appearance from the other. There are 12 genera present, each one of Chaetodon comprising 90 species individually. 

  1. Copperband Butterflyfish

Found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, this fish species is famous for its long stout and alternating stripes of orange or white which decorate its body. 

  1. Foureyed Butterflyfish

This fish species is mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to South America. It has a proper white and blue body. It may also feature dark-colored stripes decorated from the middle. 

The bottom line

The Butterflyfish is one of the rare species of aquatic animals found throughout the globe. Due to their beautiful, admiring appearance and a docile personality, they are sure to serve as really nice pets for you. So, without wasting any more time, read about them thoroughly and get one for yourself. There are many other fascinating things for you to learn about Butterflyfish. If you think you want to know about them, do not forget to watch some interesting videos on the same. You will not be disappointed.

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