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Is it possible to keep a panda as a pet?

Who doesn’t love Pandas? They are furry, adorable, and all things cute. But did you know that the grass is not as green as it looks from the other side? Many people keep Pandas as pets, but the feedback has always come out in the negative. 

For starters, you should not and cannot keep Pandas as pets anymore because they are endangered. You will be stunned to know that only 2,000 Pandas remain in the world. But that is not all. They can also be quite aggressive sometimes and make life miserable. In this article, we will discuss all that for your reference. So, get ready to burst your beautiful bubble on having Pandas as pets. This one is an eye-opener. 

Although Pandas look adorable, they are no easy beings. Generally, these animals like their’  me’ time and love to eat bamboo. Since they are not social animals, they dislike the idea of being petted. But one of the main reasons you can’t own them is that these species are getting endangered day by day. The Giant Panda is almost extinct. Apart from this, there have been various incidents where Pandas have tried to attack humans. Since they have sharp claws, they can leave you with solid bites too. In the zoo, if you get too close to them, this might happen more frequently. 

How much do these pandas cost?

Apart from the biting habits, Pandas are also quite expensive. Since the Chinese own them, they need to rent them from the Chinese Government. So, if the zoo gets a Panda for ten years, they need to pay nearly 10 Million dollars for the same. That is why you do not get to see Pandas everywhere even though they are so famous. But that is not all. Did you know that there are also numerous running costs involved with maintaining Pandas? Generally, they will only eat bamboo. That is why the Edinburgh zoo that homes a Panda spends nearly $88,000 on bamboos every year. This is only done to make the Pandas happy. So, if you can spend a fortune on the same, you can get yourself a Panda. So, even if you convince the Chinese Government to keep the Panda, the chances are that you will have a tough time maintaining the fortune of money it costs to support them. 

What about the red pandas?

The red Pandas are smaller than the black and white ones. That is why they resemble raccoons more often than any other animal. Since the Washington convention protects them, you cannot rent them either. Apart from that, even the red Pandas are an endangered species. That is why the world has only 5000 red Pandas left. 

Are there any countries where you can keep them?

No. There is no nation where it is legally authorized for you to pet a Panda. If you are found with one, you are most likely to be answerable to the Law of your country. Apart from this, the Chinese Government does not authorize the selling or buying of Pandas anywhere globally. 

Jackie Chan owns two of them

If you are Jackie Chan or have enough money to be one, you can dream about getting yourself a Panda. Also, if you can create good awareness about them, the Chengdu Research Center might allow you to keep them. Now, let us consider how Jackie Chan managed to keep Pandas and whether it is going well for him. 

For starters, Jackie Chan adopted two pandas and bought them for nearly $150 000. He also became the Chengdu Panda Ambassador in recent years. The Local Tourism Council did this. Since he has several people to take care of the Pandas, he is doing well with them. But that doesn’t mean you will do well too. 

Pandas are massive and potentially dangerous 

Another reason why Pandas can’t be kept as pets is that they are highly dangerous. Although many people think these pets are cute, the reality is far from the contrary. They are heavy enough to keep comfortably in a home. They also need a home of their own made of bamboo fences because that is where they prefer to live. Apart from that, you have to make sure they do not end up biting you because when they get aggressive, they can make your life a living hell. 

Since the Pandas belong to the bear family, it is obvious maintaining them doesn’t come as a cakewalk. That is why it is safe to drop the idea of having Pandas as pets. Instead, get yourself an adorable cat or a dog that is comfortable, convenient to manage and makes your life easy. So, why keep waiting? Get yourself a cute pet today. Just drop the idea of petting a Panda, though!