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It’s all hissing, no bites – here are some friendly snakes

When we hear the word snake, there is an initial fear and disgust. It is generally due to the nature of the creature. However, not everyone is scared of snakes and wants to run away from them. There are some snake connoisseurs who love being around snakes and sometimes pet them around.

Indeed, there are people who want to pet snakes just like any other pet animals. It is important to understand that petting a snake is not as easy as petting a dog or a cat. It takes a lot of practice and learning the culture of snakes before bringing one to your life. 

Choosing the right type of snake is also an important decision. If you are a budding herpetologist or just want to join the millions of households with snakes, you must begin with some friendly snakes.

Choose Friendly Snakes For Beginners

If you have just begun your journey, it would be better to start with a friendly snake and get familiar with their kind. You would not want to end up risking your life by bringing some dangerous snake. There are plenty of snakes that are ideal for companionship and petting. Choosing a friendly snake is not a tricky process if you know the process. 

Friendly Snakes You Can Bring Home

To further make your search easier, we have prepared a list of friendly snakes whom you can trust that they won’t bite. Let’s get into the list. 

Corn Snake

#1 Corn Snake

The most popular snake for beginners on the list is this Native American snake. Corn snakes have red-brown to orange skin with red-block blotches all over. However, these can be found in different colors as well. A Baby Corn snake can grow 10-12 inches long. The babies are caught by the professionals or generally captive-bred. Corn snakes eat pink mice and can live up to 20 years in captivity. They cost somewhere around $40 – $100. 

Baby California King Snake

#2 California King Snake

There are different types of king snakes, and California is one of the popular subspecies. They are also found in the United States and have brown skin with yellow stripes. California King Snakes are somewhat similar to Corn snakes as they can live in captivity for 20 years and eat mice. These snakes are generally shy and threatened by intruders. They only need basic care and come under the cost range of $70 – $170.

Ball Pythons

#3 Ball Pythons

These snakes got their name from their habit of curling up like a ball. These are native to central and West Africa. They are majorly found in the grasslands or in rodent burrows. They have light brown patches on their skin and typically captive bred. Ball Pythons can grow up to 3.5 – 5 feet long and live for 20-30 years. They are docile creatures and curl up into a ball when frightened. In captivity, they feed on mice and cost around $25 – $200. 

Rosy Boas

#4 Rosy Boas

Just like their name, Rosy Boas are brown-pink in color and highly adaptable to captivity. They are generally found in the regions of the United States and Mexico. Rosy Boas are considered friendly as they hardly bite or show any characteristics of anger. You can easily pet them by providing them a comfortable environment. They can live for 30 years and sometimes more than that. Rosy Boas will not give you a hard time as they are easy to care for. Their price ranges from $25 to $350.

Milk Snake

#5 Milk Snake

Just like California King, the Milk snake is also a subspecies of King Snake. They are native to Mexico and parts of the United States. You can find Milk Snake in white, black, and red skin. They are generally spotted in woody and rocky areas. Milk Snake does not like to absorb warmth from the sun, but they seek the heat from logs and rocks. They can live up to 20 years and grow up to 2 feet. These snakes are docile and easy to pet. The cost ranges from $50 to $200. 

Gopher Snake

#6 Gopher Snake

Also called Pine Snake or Bull Snake, Gophers are native to the western United States. They somewhat look like rattlesnakes, but a herpetologist can easily detect the difference. Gopher snakes do not have fangs that make them friendly. They can grow up to 4.5-5 feet long. They only hiss or sometimes wiggle their tails. These snakes can live up to 20 years and their price ranges from $90 to $190.

The Bottom Line

If you are new to petting snakes and bringing them to your home or lab, it is always better to start with the friendlier ones. These snakes are meant for petting and require lesser care. They just hiss like any other snakes, but there won’t be any bites. That’s the reason these snakes are chosen in the first place. The above mentioned were some of the best friendly snakes you can consider.

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