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What to do after a snake bites you?

Have you ever wondered what a horror it would be to get bit by a snake? Well, honestly, it is not only painful but also a challenging period to deal with. Especially if you have no hope of being rescued by a group of nurses, the situation gets worse. A snake bite venom can be deadly if you don’t take quick action. If you are a staunch traveller or a lover of the forests, you might be at a heightened risk of snake bites. It is significant to come up with ways to relieve yourself without any second guesses during this time. How do you do that? Read the tips and tricks below. We promise; it will help you out in need. 

For starters, DO NOT panic 

Panic might seem like the ultimate response to reflect when your friend or someone you love gets bit by a snake, and you do not know what to do. But we all know it could make you do stupid things without even thinking. This is because when we are in a state of panic, our minds stop functioning normally. As such, we try to do whatever it takes to fix something, even when that might not be the most accurate way to deal with it. At other times, it could still work but not when someone is bit by a snake. That is why you need to maintain caution and calm yourself before you take another step forward. Try to breathe slowly and bring your mind to normalcy. Once that happens, think about what you can do to fix it. 

Call for an ambulance 

Although, in most cases, it is daunting to get your hands on an ambulance, it could still work well for you. Unless you are stuck in the middle of a forest with no escape or signals for a phone call, it is best to call for an ambulance. Since most ambulances are quick, you do not have to wait much longer. Also, do not wait to call for an ambulance to check if the snake that has bitten has the symptoms of venom in them. If you do this, chances are it will be too late to save them. So, do not think before you call for an ambulance. That is the best you can do to protect your friend. 

Do not move 

If a snake has bitten you, we will recommend you to stop moving. Yes, it might not sound like the ultimate way to save yourself, but it does work. This is because staying calm and avoiding any movement allows the spread of the snake bite venom to slow down in the body. So, if a poisonous snake, not moving, has been bitten, you could genuinely save your life. Also, most people believe that the snake venom goes straight into the bloodstream after it enters your body. But that is not true. The reality is that it gets through the lymphatic system. That is why staying patient and not moving after a snake bite can drastically prevent the snake bite venom from entering the lymphatic system. 

Do not wash, suck or tourniquet the bite 

In the early days, people would start washing the snake bite or even sucking on it. They believed that this would help prevent the venom from spreading into the body. But recent sources suggest that it does not do any good. If you wash off the snake bite, it does help to clean off the venom too. But the problem is that the doctor will not be able to tell what type of snake bit you or provide remedies to treat it accordingly. Also, people who suck on the snake bite venom or tourniquet the bite should know that it can be highly detrimental to their health. That is why medical experts do not recommend it at any cost. 

Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage and splint 

If a snake bites you in the limb, you can save yourself on time in many cases. By putting a pressure immobilization bandage, you can stop the snake bite venom from moving through your lymphatic system. Use a pad or a plastic wrap to put around the snake bite. Let it soak it up or protect you from being affected further by the venom. 

Use an elasticized roller bandage that is nearly 10 to 15 cm wide. Then, roll the application over the bite. Once you do that, put another bandage as tightly as you can. If you do not have a dressing to use, you can use a stretchy material like a t-shirt or torn-up clothes. Make sure that if the snake bites you in the neck or torso, you need not use this method. 

The bottom line 

These were some of the most important ways to save your life after a snake bite. If you found these tips useful, ensure you follow them when in need. We promise; they work all the time.

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