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10 Forbidden foods that your cat should never eat

Living with a cat can be a hard day’s task. They always want tasty treats to gobble on, and if you do not give it to them, they’ll get super cranky. But the thing is that in the haste of giving food to our cat, we often give them edibles that may impact their health negatively. That is what this blog is about today. 

Certain types of forbidden foods for your cat may cause vomiting, diarrhoea and other health conditions that can be a risky affair for them. So, if you want to protect your cat, make sure you never give them these foods to eat. 

Dried fruits 

Dried fruits may be a healthy option for you. But for your cat, it can be a living nightmare. Dried fruits generally contain fatty substances that can be hard for the stomach to break down properly. That is why your cat may start vomiting and suffering from digestive problems regularly. It may also lead to more severe problems like kidney failure if you continue to give them dried fruits. That is why it is significant to abstain from all of them to help your cat have a long life. 


No matter how delicious desserts are and how much your cat craves for them, you have to remember that they cannot be fed these tasty treats. Whether it is a pastry, a cookie or a sugary biscuit, cats can start suffering from acute liver failure right away if you make them consume these regularly. These fat-rich foods can thus be excessively harmful to them in numerous ways. It is best to substitute these desserts with simple and fat-free biscuits if your cat loves them so much. 

Cheese and milk 

You may have thought that cheese and milk is something all cats love, but no. That is only up till a specific period. When they are infants, they can tolerate the dairy products they are fed. However, growing up, their body becomes lactose intolerant. Thus, they can no longer consume these products without feeling digestive issues consistently. So, it would help if you refrained from these products at your best. 


Alcohol is not just upsetting for cats, and it is drop-dead harmful to them. Cats who consume alcohol may start suffering from breathing issues, depression, vomiting and other conditions right away. They may even suffer from coma forever. So, try to avoid giving them alcohol or wine at all. Also, it may become difficult for your cat to deal with the intoxicating effects of alcohol. That is why it is best to keep them at bay from these drinks. 

Grapes and raisins 

Grapes and raisins can also be severely harmful to your cat as they can instantly make them suffer from kidney issues. Although your cat is most unlikely to show any interest in these foods, you have to make sure you refrain from giving them to them at all. This will help ensure safety without any compromises. If your cat is hungry, provide them with a piece of cooked fish, and they won’t ask for anything else. 

Onion and garlic 

Both onion and garlic can affect your cat’s health and make them suffer awfully. Since garlic contains a substance called thiosulphates, it can cause ingestion in your cat right away. Onions may also be harmful for the same reason and may start causing oral irritation, pale gums and discoloured urine in your cat. Diarrhoea and lethargy are also prominent symptoms of the same. 

Lemon and vinegar 

Both lemon and vinegar can prove to be pretty toxic for your cat. Generally, your cat will refrain from both of them on their own. However, if they do accidentally intake them, you must take them to the vet immediately. Since both lemon and vinegar have acidic properties, they can turn deadly for your cat in no time. So, try to avoid giving them lemon and vinegar at any cost. It will help keep them safe and healthy. 

Raw fish 

Fish is all that your cat will ever want. It is their favourite food. But raw fish can be dangerous for them no matter how much they like it. Cat tartare and sushi that include raw fish may cause vitamin B deficiencies in your cat. This may begin to cause severe problems like coma and digestion problems in your cat. That is why always cook the fish and clean it properly before you serve it to your cat. 


If your cat consumes an ample amount of caffeine, it is not a good thing. Caffeine can cause various types of poisoning in your cat. It may also make them vomit a lot, suffer from digestive problems and give muscle tremors. That is why it is essential to abstain from giving them any caffeine and its products. 

Dog food 

Maybe your dog food won’t occasionally hurt your cat. But if you start giving it to your cat every day, it can be severely harmful to them. It can make your cat malnourished in no time. 

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