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Love lessons that we human should learn from penguins

When it comes to expressing love or empathy, humans are considered the most compassionate beings on the planet. However, you will be surprised to know that there are many mammals that can showcase love and even beat humans. We are particularly talking about penguins.

Yes, these adorable creatures are more than just cute creatures hopping around. You might have only seen penguins in documentaries, but you would have hardly noticed their way of showcasing love. Indeed, they can teach some amazing love lessons to humans. 

It is also said that penguins and humans have plenty of things in common in terms of expressing and being considerate towards one another. 

What humans can learn from penguins?

Is it really true that penguins can teach us life-lessons? Well, that’s what this article is all about. Here we have enlisted some of the lessons that penguins can teach us. Take out your notepad and start jotting down these points. Who knows, you might learn something motivating from them?

#1 Look out for each other

Just like us, penguins have villages and towns that are called rookeries. This way, they are able to look out for each other and protect their families from cold weather and predators. The members from each family will commute together in search of food. How cute is that?

#2 Have unaltered fun time

Penguins love to have little “we’ time with their friends and family. They never miss a chance to hang out with them and have a jolly time. Whenever you see penguins, they will seem happy and high on their life. They are always motivated and towards the goals that keep them happy. 

#3 Effective communication

Communication is the key to develop a sense of love and care. The way we communicate our love to one another, penguins use their effective communication skills to establish lasting relationships. Whether it is with their kids, neighbors, or partners, penguins have different codes to exchange information and express emotions.

#4 Responsible adult

Often humans forget to step up as a responsible adult, but you will hardly find a penguin who is not fulfilling his/her role as an adult. When penguins grow old and learn to spread wings, they start being responsible. Once they start a family, they will look after their kids and partner till the end of the time. 

#5 A strong support network

Penguins know how to look after one another. Not just within their family but also among the colonies. They establish a strong support network wherein they extend helping hands to one another during the time of need. You will never see a penguin abandoning others in a vulnerable time. Whether it is their relatives or neighbors, they are always helping each other whenever needed. 

#6 Unconditional love for kids

Penguins are so fond of their kids, and they nurture them till they die. Even when their kids are fully grown and able to start their family, their parents will still watch over them. The love and affection penguins have for their kids is certainly unmatched. You will also spot penguins kissing their kids a LOT. 

#7 Smile a lot

Penguins are happy creatures, and you will never see them under stress. They are hardly discouraged as they never give up and stay happy. By smiling, we mean that they find ways to keep themselves happy all the time. They are the perfect example for leading a happy and jovial life. 

#8 Prepare for danger

Not just goofing around, but penguins are smart enough to watch for danger. They are always a step ahead when it comes to securing their life. Penguins are always careful about their family’s safety. Just like us, they teach their children how to safely lead a life.

#9 Shout out their love

Penguins have some strange ways to express their love; they would literally shout out their love to their loved ones. They are not at all shy about expressing their love to mate. We humans can learn a lot from their way of expressing love to one another. Penguins undoubtedly do a great job. 

#10 Highly hygienic

Penguins are very particular about their hygiene. They like to keep themselves clean all the time. Penguins take a regular bath; they literally race to the nearest water body to see who dips in first. They enjoy a refreshing swim every morning; it is something that we humans should learn something from. 

The bottom line

Next time, when you are thinking that you are failing as a human being, you look up to a bunch of penguins. Sounds crazy, right? But penguins can bring some amazing lessons of love and compassion. The above mentioned were some of the best ways penguins prove they are enjoying their life to the fullest.

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