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10 Forbidden foods your dog should never eat

Although most foods you eat are healthy for your dog, there may be a few that can genuinely harm them. While there is no harm in rewarding your dog with good food every once in a while, you have to be careful about what you give them to eat. No, it’s not just about their weight. Some foods can be downright dangerous for these little cuties for numerous reasons. 

Let us take you through 10 forbidden foods your dog should never eat! 

  1. Avocado 

Avocado may be a healthy treat for humans, but it can quickly become a nightmare for dogs. Since they have a substance called persin in them, which makes them stick to the intestine and cause problems, it is best to keep your dog away from it. You must also remember that if your dog has a few allergies, they should refrain from eating them at all. It can also cause diarrhoea and vomiting when consumed to a drastic extent. So, if you are growing avocado plants at home, make sure your dog abstains from it. 

  1. Coffee and Tea 

Your dog may sniff the daily beverage in your glass and want a treat from you, but do not be lured into it. Coffee and tea can both be severely harmful to your dog’s health. Caffeine, cocoa and other caffeine-related items may be equally detrimental. If your dog does consume tea, caffeine or cocoa products, make sure you take him to the vet as soon as possible. It is essential to make sure their health is alright before any mishap occurs. 

  1. Milk And Other Dairy Products 

During super hot and humid days, you may feel there is no harm in sharing a lick of your ice cream with your pet. But it can do more harm than good to them. Milk and milk-based products can quickly become a health hazard for your dog as they cause diarrhoea and stomach upset. Other indigestion problems may occur in a line. Pups with food allergies may also suffer from this problem. So, it is best to keep them at bay. In many cases, dogs may also experience itching when given too much milk and milk products. 

  1. Chocolate 

Chocolates may be delicious for both you and your dog. But did you know that chocolate can cause digestive problems in your dog? It contains a substance called theobromine that causes vomiting and diarrhoea in them. Dark chocolate and other cocoa products may be even more dangerous to their health. That is why it is significant to keep your dog from eating chocolate or sneaking those tasty treats into their cosy corner. 

  1. Raw Eggs 

Many people tend to feed their dogs a raw diet. But that can impact their health negatively in several ways. One of the worst raw diets for them are uncooked eggs. These are as bad as food poisoning for them, so you might want to abstain from it as much as possible. If your pet dog intakes them by any chance, make sure you consult a vet immediately for best practice. 

  1. Salt 

Humans love salty foods like pretzels and popcorn. But did you know that these salty foods can be harmful to your dog to a whole new level? Experts say that if your dog eats too many salty foods, it can result in sodium iron poisoning. Symptoms may include vomiting, nausea, depression and even tremors in most cases. So, you have to be cautious about it as far as possible. High temperatures and seizures may also be typical. 

  1. Sugar and Sugary Products 

Too much sugar can do the same thing to your dog that it does to you. Diabetes, overweightness and other problems may start showing up in no time. That is why no matter how much your dog wants to grab those tasty treats, make sure you abstain from them. It can also cause teeth ache and other issues in your canine. So, you know what is best for them. 

  1. Your Medications 

Never feed your dog the same medications that you take for any problem you face. If you thought that you could treat them with the same medicines you take when your dog vomits, you are hugely mistaken. It is best never to give them over-the-counter medications to help them stay fit. Pain relievers and cold medicines can also be deadly for your dog. 

  1. Raw Meat and Fish 

All types of meat have certain types of bacteria in them. Consuming this raw meat and fish without proper cleaning and cooking can cause food poisoning instantly in your dog. Common signs may include vomiting and digestive issues. So, you may want to keep a check on that. 

  1. Peaches and Plums

The seeds that may be present in peaches and plums can affect your dog’s small intestine negatively. Peach and plum pits may also contain cyanide that can be poisonous to your dog and even you. So, it’s best to keep away from that.