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6 Octopus species that will blow your mind away

Octopuses are majestic creatures with diversified features to amaze upon. These eight-limbed aquatic animals are nothing like the usual living things we find around us. They are intelligent, energetic, and full of smart strategies to survive underwater. What is even more astounding is that there are various octopus species that will blow your mind away. 

With their bulging eyes, sharp tentacles, and unique characteristics, they make it inevitable for us to take a peek into their world. So, let us dive into their world and unravel some of the popular Octopus species that rule the underwater world with their splendidness. 

Octopuses species to look for

Here are the most interesting octopus’ species you ever heard of:

  1. Dumbo Octopus 

One of the most profound living animals in the underwater world, the Dumbo Octopuses, is a large family with more than 15 species in them. These naturally rare animals are named after Dumbo the Elephant’s ears (Disney fame.) They make movements by gradually flapping their ear-like fins and their arms to steer. Since they lie so deep in the waters, it isn’t easy to catch them in a fishing net and sell them in the market. These cute octopuses are also predators to marine mammals and diving fishes. They produce babies by laying eggs while the female octopuses can store sperm in them for long periods, which helps them lay eggs timely.

Mimic Octopuses 
  1. Mimic Octopuses 

They may be creepy-looking Octopuses, but they are brilliant. They use their ugliness to mimic other marine animals when they find their predators looking for them. Thus, they mimic sea snakes, jellyfish, and even stingrays. They may also do this as they possess color-changing and contorting abilities that help them transform themselves in need. Apart from this, young mimics have to fend for themselves after they are hatched as the female ones die as soon as they give birth. However, these small superstars do not let animals fool them easily. Aren’t they exciting to know about? 

  1. Coconut Octopuses 

These are fascinating octopus’ species as they use coconut shells for their defense against other animals. That is how they got their name, of course. Thus, these octopuses are observed collecting coconut shells timely to use them as protective shields for themselves. Apart from that, they can also bury themselves in the sand with only their eyes uncovered. This is another exciting trick they use for self-defense. However, sometimes they mistake plastics for coconut shells as well. So, they have a hard time trying to survive and defend themselves underwater all the time. 

Blue-ringed octopuses 
  1. Blue-ringed octopuses 

You may find these creatures cute but wait until you find out how deadly they are. Those blue rings that make them stand out are also the evilest part of their bodies. These octopuses, thus, have venom that is 1000 times more powerful than cyanide. They can kill almost 26 humans simultaneously. That is why it is a challenging task to deal with these octopuses when you contact them, as they can kill you on the spot. However, it is easy to spot them underwater due to their unique blue-ringed bodies. 

  1. Common Octopuses 

The common octopuses are intelligent creatures that are full of unique characteristics. They have three hearts, arms with a mind of their own, and blue blood in them. If that is not enough to make you know more about them, we do not know what will be. Thus, they make one of the most exciting creatures to learn about in the underwater world. They are most common for human consumption in the North and West African regions where people are enjoying eating them now and then. You can find them in many parts of the world today if you are excited to see them physically. 

Giant Pacific Octopuses 
  1. Giant Pacific Octopuses 

One of the largest octopus species globally, we can find this one in many regions ranging from Japan to Alaska. They are also intelligent like other octopuses and mimic other species for self-defense. They feature eight arms, three hearts, and nine brains (We wish we had even half of them.) They also have blue blood due to the copper-rich protein in them. Although they feature so many body parts in numbers, they only live for three to four years on average. However, they can be very entertaining to notice for commercial purposes. Apart from that, these animals hunt at night for shrimps, clams, and even lobsters as it is safer then. 

The Bottom Line 

These were some of the fascinating octopus species you will ever come across the globe. So, if you are interested in watching them physically, do not forget to travel across the world and find them. These underwater creatures are a lot more creative, entertaining, and strategic when you know more about them. We promise; you won’t be disappointed.

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