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10 Herbivorous animals that are highly dangerous

Animals that primarily consume plants are known as herbivores. Cows, Horses, giraffes are to name a few. These animals are generally or never considered as dangerous, let alone the thought of them killing like a carnivore. But there are certain species that will change your mind. Better take care of them as these herbivorous animals are not as gentle as the others.


#1 Elephant

Elephants seem like peaceful and jolly creatures. They are even considered friendly to humankind. These magnificent creatures can also cause havoc in a fit of rage. More zookeepers have been killed by elephants in comparison to other animals. They are vast and mighty, and hence it is an arduous task to stop them during an attack. Also, males go through musth, wherein hormone levels shoot up, resulting in savage attacks on anything in sight.

American Bison

#2 American Bison

American bison are found in North America and were widely hunted, making them almost extinct. These gigantic herbivores are now kept in national parks due to legal protection. American Bison are known for killing a lot of tourists. They don’t attack unless their personal space is invaded.

Gelada Baboon

#3 Gelada Baboon

Gelada baboons have big manes, and an acute leveled face. They live in the Ethiopian mountains and savor grass. Gelada baboons are majestic and are endowed with petrifying teeth. They are usually peaceful but when in aggression, are quite beastly.


#4 Gorilla

Gorillas are human’s closest relatives with significant differences. They weigh a lot more than us, i.e., up to 200kilograms and even more. Gorillas are more robust than ten men combined. They are tranquil unless their pack or family is threatened by intruders. These creatures are fast runners and are armed with massive arms and sharp canines. Do watch out!


#5 Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros have five species and are found in Asia and Africa. They are massive animals that are lethal and feisty. You will find hairy horns on them, but these are terribly dangerous weapons and can spear the target to death. These colossal beings can crush the prey in seconds as they weigh more than three tons. On the other hand, the Indian rhino is known for its sharp teeth that can bite. Don’t go on their structure when it comes to speed.

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Cape Buffalo

#6 Cape Buffalo

Cape buffaloes are not to be compared with giant cows in fact; they are considered one of the most deadly in Africa.  These herbivorous animals are highly short-tempered and tough as they had to survive amongst lions and hyenas. Cape Buffaloes have huge and sharp horns as well as heavy hooves, and these make for dangerous armor. These animals will also come to aid an injured buffalo and are indeed considered a true friend. To rescue one of their own, the herd will attack the enemy with full force. 

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#7 Cassowary

The cassowary is one of the largest birds and has its home in Australian rainforests and New Guinea; they are quite unique. On their heads you will find a hollow crest that is used to communicate by producing low-frequency calls to other cassowaries. Its diet consists mainly of fruit, but when provoked, it charges with force into the air and attacks the enemy with its dagger-like inner toe claw. That is why it is considered the deadliest bird. It can eviscerate a man easily with this weapon. 

White Lipped Peccary

#8 White Lipped Peccary

White lipped peccary are relative to the Javelina, i.e., the collared peccary. They are based in the Mexican rainforests as well as rainforests of Central and South America. Their canines are incredibly sharp and hone with every closure of its mouth like scissors. They gather and travel in herds of 500 and even 1000 members. These peccaries also attack the enemy in a pack to save one of their own. The way to protect oneself from their attack is to climb a tree quickly. A lot of hunters, as well as wild predators, have been shredded to pieces by their attack.

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Wild Boar

#9 Wild Boar

Wild boars have a diet consisting of frogs, bugs, and lizards and, thus, are not entirely herbivores. But as it is a pig, they mostly feed on plants. Their tusks are sharp and enormous and known to slit the enemy. They can scare off wolves all by themselves. You can find wild boars in national reserves and even in zoos. However, it would be better to take safety precautions while travelling through a region of wild boars. 

herbivorous animals

#10 Hippopotamus

In all herbivorous animals, the hippo is the deadliest. It has killed more men than other predators, such as lions and leopards. They can weigh more than three tons and are highly territorial. It can attack in water as well as on land. Even if fat, it has an incredible speed and a mighty jaw, enough to slit its enemy half.

If you thought that only carnivores can be dangerous and scare you away, well now you might have changed your thinking. The above mentioned were some herbivorous animals who can be dangerous at times. Hence, even herbivores are to be watched out for.

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