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7 Most nightmarish prehistoric animals that we are glad don’t exist anymore

All we ever talk about is dinosaurs during conversations about prehistoric ages. But does anyone ever wonder what other prehistoric animals may have existed during those times? 

Life on Earth has existed for four billion years now, and over the span, we have seen numerous animal extinctions around us. Although we feel bad that a whole species had to go missing for so many reasons, a look at these prehistoric animals will make you thankful for the same.

Let us take a look at these nightmarish prehistoric animals that you will dread to know about! 

Seven Most Deadly Prehistoric Animals 

Gigantic Aquatic Scorpio
  1. Gigantic Aquatic Scorpio 

Also known as Sea Scorpios, Gigantic Aquatic Scorpios were dreadful-looking creatures in the Silurian, Devonian, and Premium Eras. They were thought to have existed approximately 500 to 250 million years ago. These largest Arthropods, member of the extinct subclass Eurypterida, were extremely large, and even the dwarfed ones were the size of a full-grown man. These were cannibals and, thus, ate any small member of their species at once. Although you may not find Sea Scorpions anymore, the contemporary Scorpio is known to be its descendants. 

  1. The prehistoric rat 

If you wonder how different a prehistoric rat might have been, you will be petrified to know that these little creatures were once as big as a bull. Their fossils were first discovered in South America some time ago and were recorded as the world’s largest Rodent to have existed. These creatures may have existed between 2 million to 4 million years ago and weighed almost 2200 pounds. More research is being conducted on the fossils to unleash other stunning secrets about the same. But thanks to the extinction that we do not have them anymore. I mean, can you imagine these rodents walking across the streets at night? 

Gigantopithecus replica (known as “Mr. G”) was installed at the Museum of Man in San Diego, California, in 2003
  1. Gigantopithecus

If the world’s largest Rodent and a Gigantic Asian Scorpio wasn’t enough to make you realize why you should be glad to be born today, here comes the Gigantopithecus. These extinct genius apes were massive and existed around 10 million years ago. It is said that they came from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia and had about 1,000 teeth. They were sexually dimorphic and were generalized herbivores. Oh, and what’s worse is that they were almost 10 to 12 feet tall. They resemble Bigfoot by all means.

  1. Phorusrhacidae 

Around 2 million years ago, there lived more than just all the haunting animals you’ve read of above. This flightless bird that was the primary predator in their era, was known to shatter animals’ skulls with just one poke in their heads with its sharp beak. They were almost 10 feet tall and lived in both the Northern and Southern parts of America. Although we are horror-struck at the thought of such giant birds that are too flightless, we can’t stop wondering how it might have felt to have them walk freely on the streets. 

  1. Arcdotus 

If you thought bears have been cute forever, you might want to take a peek into this one. Arcdotus was one of the giant bears to have ever existed in the prehistoric era that was 50 times bigger than today’s regular-sized Polar bears. Oh, and what’s worse is that they needed at least 35 pounds of meat to survive each day. We are just thankful they do not exist anymore; otherwise, we would not have been reading this blog today. These animals are thought to be natives from America and the worst of their kind for sure. 

  1. Titanoboa 

If there has been anything excruciatingly haunting on this planet after ghosts, I think it would be the Titanoboa. These were giant extinct snakes that are thought to have existed around 10 million years ago or maybe even more. What is most haunting is that they could grow up to 42 ft long and weigh 1,135kgs at a time. Can you believe it? They were natives from South America and looked like the most dreadful animals in the world. It is known to have shared its ecosystem with giant turtles and Crocodylomorph. Imagine how life would have been if they still existed today! 

  1. Basilosaurus

These petrifying creatures lived nearly 50 to 60 million years ago. They had an elongated body structure that was 5 feet in length. They mainly lived in North America and Africa and came from the Whale family. 

The Bottom Line 

These were some of the most fascinating yet deadly prehistoric creatures that we are thankful do not exist today. I mean, imagine how life would have been with these terrifying creatures walking on the streets today? Wouldn’t you want to run for your life? Think about it!

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