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7 Prehistoric animals that are still alive today

We have all heard of Dinosaurs and Mammoths that went extinct in our prehistory. But if you think you don’t have any animals living today from the prehistoric era, you may be wrong.

There are a few fascinating animals that continue to exist even today from the prehistoric era. It is interesting to watch them and to be excited to understand how they managed to stay back while others got extinct. 

Let us take a look at these seven prehistoric animals that continue to exist even today on our planet. 

Seven Prehistoric Animals Alive Today 

  1. White Rhinoceros

Nobody is quite sure how these animals came into being. However, the species appears to have evolved 55 million years ago. The white rhino is a combination of both Northern White Rhinoceros and the Southern White Rhinoceros. However, the northern one has only a few individuals left in them as they are vulnerable to extinction now. Due to constant threats by the poachers, the Rhinos are now rarely seen in many places. However, they mainly belong to Asian regions. You can find some southern White Rhinos in South Africa as well. 

The 2011 image shows members of the National Museum of Kenya observing a 1.75 meter and 77 kg coelacanth, which was captured by Kenyan fishermen in the coastal city of Malindi in April 2001 (Photo: Simon Maina / AFP)
  1. Coelacanth 

You will be shocked to know that these marine mammals are around 360 million years old, which means they are one of the oldest prehistoric animals to be alive today. However, people thought they had gone extinct 65 million years ago, but recent sources discovered them again. They are said to be 6.5feet long and weigh around 198pounds. With a lifespan of 60 years, these carnivore animals prey on different types of marine animals underwater. You can find them near Comoros Islands and Indonesia. These elusive, deep-sea creatures live around 2,300 feet under the safe. 

  1. Polar Bear 

Polar bears are said to have stemmed from brown bears that existed around a million years ago. They are well-preserved species, but the fossils are rare. They mostly live in the coldest regions of the earth, like the south pole. Many people also believe that they may wander in the Ice Age and have thus found a space in the South Pole. But who knows how much of it stands true today? These bears are cute looking and may be almost 150 to 250 kgs while 1.3m in height. However, their population is now starting to decrease due to constant climate change that puts their shelter at risk. 

  1. Sea jellies 

If you thought that Coelacanth is the only longest-lasting prehistoric animal, you might be wrong. Sea jellies are around 500 million years old and continue to reside underwater even today. You will be shocked to know that they do not have a brain, heart, and blood at all. They are only made of some essential neutrons that distinguish them from most other animals today. Warm temperatures and dead zones are perfect for these jellyfishes to thrive. That is why they may have survived for such a long time. Also, since they are made of 95%water, it isn’t easy to find their fossils on earth. 

  1. Alligator Gar 

These animals have even met dinosaurs during their era as they are almost 100 million years old. Although they do not pose a threat for humans, they may be highly harmful due to their razor-sharp teeth that can wound you instantly. Moreover, their eggs are poisonous, so you may want to stay away from them if you’re going to live longer. They also weigh 300 pounds which may pose a risk to you. However, these fishes are formidable and do not bother humans as much. You can find them in the freshwaters of America.

  1. Walrus 

Walrus may be million years old and are prehistoric animals that continue to live even today. They weigh almost a thousand kgs and 3.6m in length. They have a long lifespan of 40 years, and they are omnivores. You can rarely find them in deep waters, and both the male and female walruses have enormous tusks. The mother walrus are generally overprotective of their children and prefer to rest ashore. These animals typically prefer isolation. So, they hate large gatherings and a lot of noise. However, climate change is leading them to a steady decline. 

  1. Whale Shark 

Whale Shark is also a prehistoric marine animal that may have survived for around 28 million years now. Their species continues to exist even today underwater in many regions like Atlanta. You May also find them near the equator as they love to roam around several marine areas. Whale sharks can be ancient as they live for 150 years. However, they are slow swimmers and migrate a long way. However, even these animals are now under threat as marine life is being loaded with the crap of plastics. These were some of the prehistoric animals that continue to live even today. Take a look at them.

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