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Debunking some popular myths about cats

When it comes to talking about pets, cats are the most-loved pets. These creatures are adorable, clever, and naughty at the same time. 

People are fascinated by cats. Even if you own a cat or not, there are certain things that you might know about the cat. For instance, they are incredibly agile and smart. 

However, there are a bunch of myths about cats that are well-established in our society. It is essential to learn the truth behind these misconceptions to better understand these creatures.  

We are here to debunk those myths and misconceptions about felines. So, you can love and understand them even more. 

So, let’s get started.

#1 They Always Land On Their Feet

One of the common myths people have about cats is that they never get hurt from jumping. Unfortunately, the truth is the opposite; they can get themselves badly hurt if they fall wrong. High-rise syndrome is used to describe cat injuries due to the fall from height. Cats sustain fractures, sprain, and even respiratory issues from fall injuries. 

#2 Black Cats Are Unlucky

According to folklore, black cats are considered inauspicious in many cultures. While felines are believed to bring good fortune to home, there are some cultures in parts of Japan, Europe, and the US where black is supposed to bring bad luck. However, none of such notions are true. The color and characteristics of a feline will not affect your fortune. 

#3 Cats Cannot Be Trained

Another common myth about cats is that, unlike dogs, they cannot be trained. This myth got pet parents’ attention due to the lack of their cat’s interest in any of the tricks. However, with rightful teaching and patience, you can definitely train your feline friends. To further bust this myth, there is a cat named Tuna who plays instruments in a US-based band. 

#4 All Cats Hate Water

Most of the felines are not big fans of water and activities related to it. But the myth that all cats hate water is not true at all. If you Google cat videos, you will come across many clips where cats are enjoying the water. Scientists reason that the love-hate relationship between cats and water is because they don’t dry quickly. 

#5 Cats Should Be Fed With Chocolate

If you are concerned about your cat’s health, you should keep them away from chocolates. It is not at all true that it is okay to feed them with chocolates. Just like canines, chocolates can be toxic for felines. Dark chocolate is even more injurious than milk chocolate. Never believe in this myth, and don’t let your cat eat chocolate. 

#6 Cats Have Nine Lives

Just like humans and other creatures, cats have only one life. There is no idea from where this myth originated. However, there have been mentions of cats’ nine lives from Shakespeare pieces to Egyptian mythology. There is no scientific proof of the nine different lives of a cat, so it should be considered as a myth. 

#7 Indoor Cats Can Never Get Ill

Whether the cat lives inside or strays on the streets, they can catch diseases in any circumstance. So, it is foolish to say that indoor cats cannot catch an illness. Staying indoors day and night doesn’t mean your cat is susceptible to all the diseases. You need to provide proper care and attention to your cat to safeguard their health.

#8 Cats Purr When They Are Happy

Purring cats are generally associated with their happy behaviour, but the truth is they can purr even when they are sad, angry, or just bored. Typically, they will purr when you give them attention, and they feel happy about it. There are instances when they purr to comfort their pets or fuss about something they don’t like. 

#9 Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth Is Not Important

As silly as it may sound, but it is a big fat myth that owners should not brush their cats’ teeth. Just like the rest of us, cats also have their meals that may get stuck in their teeth. Regular brushing will ensure their teeth are clean and free from germs. It also helps in preventing mouth odor. You can also save them from dental issues. 

The Bottom line

Myths and misconceptions are easy to spread. Once you start believing in them, they are easy to spread. Cats also have acquired a bunch of myths that have been doing rounds for ages now. 

If you are soon going to be a cat-parent, it would be beneficial to learn the truth behind these myths. The above mention were a few myths from the lot that you need to be aware of. 

Steer clear from such myths and know and love your feline friends just the way they are.

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