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Animal superstitions that exist even today

Over the years, we have all heard of bizarre animal superstitions that have either made us laugh out loud or take the proper steps to avoid them from turning into reality. Most striking is that so many of us believe them because we do not want to encounter an omen. But is that genuinely true? Can animal superstitions like the ones we are about to list below actually hamper you in any way? Well, no matter how far we want to talk about the science behind it, there is no doubt that many superstitions are based on people’s real-life experiences. So, what are these animal superstitions that exist even today? Let us take a look at them as we read.

  1. Black cats bring good luck

In many parts of the world, black cats are known to bring good luck. In Britain, if both the bride and groom come across a black cat on their wedding day, it ensures a happy marriage for them. In the same way, if a sailor is sailing across the ship and encounters a back cat, it means they are likely to obtain good fortune. That is why the sailor’s wives would even keep black cats to make this come true. They would also support them to ensure their husband’s safe return home. Do you believe in this kind of superstition? Let us know. 

  1. Dog licks have healing powers 

While most of us did not know that for sure, it is believed that the licking of dogs comes with an assortment of healing powers. But this may be true to some extent. We know that you can decrease your blood pressure problem considerably if you pet a dog. Similarly, dogs are also great for busting our stress in need. That is why ancient Greeks kept dogs to provide healing powers. Maybe that is what they meant when they said dogs have healing powers. But we know that the dog’s saliva has antibacterial properties that may help with numerous bacterial problems at once. So, have you ever tried that? 

  1. Owls are good luck

For centuries, we have also believed that owls may symbolise good luck if you spot them at night. In many African countries, people also believe that owls are the messenger of Shamans and help us interact with the spiritual world. Well, how far that is true, we might not be able to tell. But it does sound like something. 

  1. Fish extract negativity from your life

It is also believed that keeping goldfishes in the aquarium in your home can help extract all the negativity from your home. This means that with the death of each fish in your aquarium, you can ensure negativity or a horrible incident has been delayed. That is why people like to keep fish in their aquarium and wish for good days for themselves. For anglers, it is a bit different. It is believed that the first fish the fisherman catches should be thrown away for good luck in their lives. 

  1. Rabbits may be both good and bad luck

In many cultures, rabbits are considered both good luck and bad luck. It is believed that a rabbit’s foot brings good luck in many places. But those who do not own rabbits believe that they are witches in disguise. Exactly how far this is true, we hardly know. But have you ever encountered something like this before? 

  1. Black beetles are a sign of death 

Many people believe that black beetles are a sign of death. So, if you spot a black beetle approaching your shoe or anything, it indicates that your end is near. Yes, it does sound very spooky, but who knows how far it is true? Some people also believe that if you want to avoid such a situation, make sure you put away the black beetle outside safely. 

  1. Lizards are good luck

In India, it is believed that lizards bring good luck to homes. Even Africans think of them as lucky in many ways. But what is even better is that they help control all the insects and pests in your home that may cause trouble. So, they are pretty helpful in many ways. If you think lizards are creepy, think about the ways they may be beneficial for your home. 

  1. Snakes for both good and bad luck 

In many countries, snakes are known to bring good luck. They are also known for having magical abilities. But in other places, they are considered to be incarnations of satan. We, however, agree with the latter because there is nothing about snakes to love or like. What do you think? 

The bottom line 

These are some of the most common animal superstitions you can hear around you. If you enjoyed reading them, make sure you remember the next time you encounter these animals. 

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