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Cat Nails: tips on how to care for them

Most cats hate to get their nails trimmed. But their sharp and edgy claws can be highly dangerous for your smooth wall papers and furniture. With one scratch, they could even make your child bleed like anything. That is why it is significant to trim their nails and take care of them properly. 

Although your cat may hate their nail care sessions, they can soon enjoy loving them if you train them for it. Let us help you know how to make it happen via this blog today. 

Taking care of their beastly nails 

You may have noticed those torn wallpapers, scratch on new furniture, and stained wall paint. That is undoubtedly your cat with its monstrous nails doing it. At this point, you may feel annoyed and want to do something about it. That is when nail care sessions for cats become crucial. It is essential to avoid the damage they do to your home and body in general. Also, if you want your cat to be clean and tidy all the time, you have to start with their nails. 

Here are six ways to clip their nails properly without any inconvenience. 

Train your cat 

When you get your cat trained for the nail sessions from a young age itself, it becomes a habit for them. So, when they grow up, they won’t make such a fuss at all. Make sure you train your cat from 2 to 3 years of age itself. By teaching them to get accustomed to your nail sessions, they will indulge in it easily when they grow up. You can choose a quiet time of the day for the best experience. This will also leave room for minimal distractions. 

Get them used to the process 

No matter how much your cat loves cuddling from you, if you start taking their hand in yours showing them some weird tool, they will be scared. Try to take their hand in yours without scaring them too much. From an early age, try to build that trust with your cat to be trained for the nail sessions. This will help minimize hindrances during the nail trimming process. Start by stroking the cat’s hands without cutting their nails. For the first few days, you can try to take their hand in yours and stroke them gently. Let them feel safe around you. That is when you can start with the next step of using a tool on their nails. 

Buy a suitable nail clipper 

Do not start cutting their nails with your nail clipper. It can severely harm them or cut into their skin. It is best to order a suitable nail clipper for your cat that will help you practice safe clipping techniques. Start by clipping their nails gently. It is best to start with the front paws first. Do not try to cut close to the nerve as it can be dangerous for them. At this point, try to make your cat feel relaxed for the best experience. 

Set a proper objective 

If you think you can kick start cutting your cat’s nails right since the beginning, it might not be the best idea. Make sure you set a realistic objective according to your cat’s relaxation and comfort. If you force your pet for the nail trimming session, they might end up running away and never returning for the process. So be very careful. 

Use calm voice to encourage them 

It is significant to keep your cat steady until the process ends. That is why you can use reassuring voices that signal calmness and convenience to your cat. Whenever they are behaving correctly and listening to you, reward them with something nice. Rewarding them with their favorite foods is the best way to encourage them about it.

Such habits will make them enjoy their nail care sessions and wait for them every time. When the session ends, you can give them another treat and congratulate them. Using sentences like “You are a good cat” and “Good Girl/Boy” can help them feel appreciated for their excellent behavior. So, they may be encouraged more for the next time you want them to behave the same way during nail care sessions. 

The Bottom Line 

By following these steps above, you can help your cat have a safe and comfortable nail care experience with you. When you practice these steps, your cat won’t want to run away. They will love to engage in these sessions with you and earn rewards. 

For an added experience of comfort, you can set the mood for your cat. A calm and quiet location is also very reassuring for this process and will make your cat sit down for their nail care sessions patiently. Also, do not forget to get them acquainted with the clipper if possible. That will reduce their stress to a drastic extent.

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