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How do penguins protect their babies?

Going to be a parent soon? Do you know how do penguins protect their babies? Maybe penguins can give you some pro parenting tips. Every parent is concerned about their young ones. When you become a parent for the first time, there are plenty of things that come to your mind, wondering whether you are doing things right or wrong. When in confusion, you look for inspirations and advice from others. For instance, you can look up to your mothers, paediatricians or even friends. 

But have you ever thought animals could teach you some life-saving parenting skills? Well, penguins are those furry mammals who care for their young ones better than any living organism. Their parenting skills are so on point that they can even give a cut-throat competition to humans. 

There are plenty of things that humans can learn from penguins about parenting. In this blog, we will be discussing what humans can learn from penguins regarding parenting.  Ever wondered how do penguins protect their babies? Let’s find out!

Equal Partnership Between Mom and Dad Penguins

In penguin parenting, there is no superior or inferior parent, both the male and female parent share the same proportion of responsibilities in raising their kids. Unlike humans, penguins will share their responsibilities by splitting the time they spend hunting and taking turns to warm their little ones. It is said that when mommy penguins go search for food, daddy penguins sit on their kids to warm them. They reverse their role after a while. This is definitely something young human parents should learn from penguins. 

Developing Unique Family Call

All penguins look almost alike, so have you ever wondered how they recognize their family? Once they begin a family, penguins will create a unique identifying call that only they and their kids can understand. It is the most significant evolution which is smart and effective. Also, it is a great way to develop the communication and cognitive skills of the young ones. While humans do not have to make noises in order to identify their kids, they should definitely establish sane communication ground at an early age. It will help in developing the social skills of kids. 

Impeccable Discipline and Manner

One thing for which penguins should be appreciated the most is their unwavering discipline and manners. Their habitat is always crowded with thousands of different families. However, the way they stand in a straight line and walk in an orderly manner is something we humans would require years to master. Similarly, they teach such impeccable discipline and techniques to their young ones at the earliest, so they can also pick up with the crowd. Just imagine, if thousands of penguins can walk in a single and neat line for miles without any complaint, and teach the same to their kids, we humans still have hope, right?

Prioritize Family 

By all the above points, it is quite evident that penguins are ardent towards their family. You will never see a penguin abandoning his/her family. Experts who have monitored penguins for years have stated that these mammals show immense responsibility towards their family that helps in keeping them closer to each other. When penguins start a family and have their young ones, they won’t get sidetracked or distracted by anything; their sole focus will be on nurturing their family. Humans often forget to prioritize their family and don’t spend quality time with one another. However, you can see penguins coming back to their homes after a long hunting day and play with their chicks. 

Sacrifice and Tenderness Is The Key

Be it human or penguins, kids can be hungry anytime. However, when it comes to penguin chicks, they have to wait for days and sometimes weeks to get fed. Their breeding grounds are far away from the oceans that take parent penguins to hunt and feed them. Penguins fulfil their parental responsibilities by starving for months. They take care of their chicks by curbing their own hunger and sacrificing food for them. In the process, you will never see penguins lose their cool. It is said that the father penguin loses almost half of his body weight throughout this process. 

The Bottom Linehow do penguins protect their babies

Penguins are not just adorable animals, but they are great parents when it comes to taking care of their young ones. When in doubt, you can always turn towards penguins for some advice on parenting. There is an abundance of books and documentaries that says a lot about parenting tips from penguins. 

There were some questions raised against penguins’ parenting. It was a misconception that explorers in the 1960s had that penguins leave their chicks after the birth. This misconception was later cleared, making penguins best at parenting. 

The above mentioned was a list of quick parenting tips that you can keep up your sleeves when you doubt your parenting skills. 

Of course, we humans are so much evolved than penguins, but indeed these tiny little mammals have taught us a lot about how to care for your young ones and nurture a family together.