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How to take pictures of your kitten: Foolproof tips

If you are a cat person, you already like to do a lot of things with your kitten. Taking their endless photos might be one of them. We agree that cats and kittens are adorable and beautiful, making them great models for photography. 

But as you are reading this, your kitten might be doing something naughty under your nose. This is what makes the whole kitten photography challenging for the parent. Their unpredictable nature is something you cannot ignore. They are elegant, confident, funny, and sometimes everything at once. 

All these traits make it challenging to click good pictures of your feline friend. You cannot ask them to pose or make them sit at a certain place, so how are you going to click cute pictures of them?

If you envy the adorable pictures of kittens on social media that you can never take, we can give you some tips and tricks. Yes, we have aligned some foolproof tips that will improve your kitten photography game. 

  1. Set Your Focus For Sharp Kitten Images

As kittens are unpredictable, they can move quickly, so instead of frustrating from the out-of-focus images, set your camera to autofocus. When you keep the focus on the manual, it takes more time to capture, which eventually results in blurry pictures. Autofocus will allow you to click sharp photos of your kitten. 

  1. Use Continuous Shoot Mode

There are times when you are just disappointed by your clicks. Some pictures may be blurry. In others, your cat would be out of the frame. To avoid such situations, you should keep your camera in continuous shoot mode. It will increase your chances of capturing the best images. 

  1. Always Go For Natural Light

There is no better lighting than the natural sunlight. Your kitten’s features will be best exposed in sunlight. Camera flash can make your kitten’s eyes look scary red. Whether you need to capture them in a playful mood or their lazy yawning, outdoors are the perfect spots for flawless kitten pictures. 

  1. Catch Them In Action

As much as you love capturing them just lying on the ground, the best clicks will always be when they are in action. Images of kittens playing are always fun and easy to go viral. Set your shutter speed at high and turn the sports mode on when your kitten is playing in the garden. 

  1. Black And White Is Evergreen

You would also agree with the fact that black and white photos have a different feel. Even if the frame is blurry or out of the subject, a black and white hue can make it look pretty. Kitten images in black and white help in highlighting the details and add more life to the frame.

  1. Try Different Angles

For you, your kitten looks adorable from every angle. All you need to do is embrace those angles in your photography. Give a new perspective to your kitten photography by capturing your feline from different angles. Put the camera beneath their face or above their head to get a candid picture. 

  1. Focus On Beautiful Eyes

Believe it or not, eyes are the most alluring physical characteristics in a kitten. You can instantly attract your viewers by focusing on the chromatic eyes. When you are taking portrait photographs, it would be better to focus on the eyes. Fill the frame with your eyes and remove the background.

  1. Capture Other Than Just Pretty Face

Your kitten’s face is adorable and photogenic, but sometimes you have to shift your focus to other things. They have other striking features as well that need attention, like paws, claws, or even whiskers. These photo-worthy parts of your kitten should be admired with your photographs. 

  1. Highlight Their Personality

Good kitten photographs can only come out to be great when you focus on their personality as well. How will you capture personality in photographs? Well, just click them in their natural mood. If your kitten is playful and witty, capture them doing something naughty. When your kitten is lazy, click them in a yawning pose. 

  1. Take Medium to Close-Up Shots

Wide angles might not be as effective as close-up ones. Depending on the distance, you can tell different stories with your kitten photographs. It is always advised to click close-up pictures. Wide shots can sometimes make you miss the cat, so always keep the angle medium or close up. 

The Bottom Line

Do you have the best camera that takes stunning photographs, but you often fail to click good pictures of your kitten? You need to ace your kitten photography skills with some tips. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will make your life easier. You can now take pictures of your kitten in the best way you want.

What are you waiting for? Get your camera and capture some adorable moments of your kitten.