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6 Unusual pets that will make you run for life

The idea of owning exotic animals as pets may strike our minds at some point or another. Naturally, it only takes a moment to drop the vision for our safety and sanity. But for some people, it doesn’t work like that. 

Recent research suggests several crazy people out there who have housed some genuinely dangerous animals as pets. No doubt it all sounds strange, but you will be surprised to know that some of these dangerous animals aren’t as dangerous as they seem like pets. 

Let us take a look at the most unusual pets that will make you run for your life! 

The Most Unusual Pets to Make You Fear for Your Life 


WHAT? Having an alligator as a pet? – Yes, that is true. Cases of petting alligators have been going around for a long time now, and people do not seem to drop the idea. Alligators are voracious predators, but surprisingly, they are not so for humans. If you see them closely, don’t worry, as they won’t attack you for no reason.

However, sometimes, they may act a bit defensive in need, so you have to be careful. These rare pets may scare you in the first instance, but they are accessible to pets. Recently, fatal attacks from alligators have not come under reports. However, between 2000-2007 was the last time we heard of 10 deadly attacks by this monstrous animal. 

Wolf Dogs 

If you are scared of dogs on the streets, imagine what having a wolfdog in your neighborhood would feel like? Although most wolf dogs are aggressive towards humans, some can be fearful of humans’ loss. Such characteristics compare them to domesticated dogs. Although most wolfdogs will not show problematic behavior, you can trust the whole pack with it. 

Since wolfdogs do not appreciate restrictions, owners may have to raise them in minimal restrictive conditions. In recent times, there have been various cases of wolfdog attacks on humans. So, you may want to re-think the idea of having them as pets (if at all). 


Amidst all big cats, bears are listed before for their opportunistic, omnivorous, and intelligent minds. Although bears may look adorable, they can be extremely dangerous to house as pets. Several bear attacks over the years have made it convincing to believe that they are highly dangerous for your neighbourhood. 

Significantly, the escaped bears are a real threat to humans as they may be ferocious for meat. Even the rarest of bear petting cases have added to the fatal statistics. Thus, it is safe to stay away from these aggressive animals and let them enjoy their natural habitat. 

Old World Monkeys 

At first, you may find them highly entertaining but wait till they make your life a living hell. All monkeys have large canines that can cause serious injury to your body. So, these animals are not just dangerous for attacks; their mischief can be equally life-threatening. 

As a result, you may have to visit the hospital every once or twice. Their tantrums, mischief, and wildness can also make you scratch your head in regret for buying them as pets. Naturally, many cases of attack by these old-world monkeys have made humans run for their life instantly. They may also carry non-human primate and zoonotic diseases that can be life-risking. 

Crocodile Monitor 

We all know that there cannot be anything adorable about these beastly creatures, but many pet owners still manage to have them as pets. For starters, they are high maintenance as they may need large captivity as they keep growing from 8 to 10 feet. These high-strung animals also offer frequent bites that are genuinely life-risking for everyone. You also do not want your children to be near them because these reptiles are least sympathetic. 

Above all, Monitors have densely bacterial Saliva that may cause numerous allergies and infective reactions to your body. To sum up, they are the least valuable pets to keep in your household. 


Chimpanzees are the least dangerous animal on this list, and you will be delighted to know that they are fun-loving, chilling, and high-interactive as well. Although they have complex cognition, they may also sometimes learn to escape your home. 

However, Chimpanzees may get a bit unpredictable if they come across people with whom they aren’t familiar. Thus, they can even be aggressive and hurt someone. In recent times, there have been more than 20 cases of attacks from their end. So, it is wise to say that you better keep cats and dogs than these creatures. However, people who have owned Chimpanzees as pets have reported their adorable behaviour and we could not stop saying “aww.”

The Bottom Line 

These were some of the fascinating animals to leave you running for your life if you bring them home as pets. So, beware!

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