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Sea Lions: habitat, diet and facts that will make you love them

Sea Lions are generally boisterous, playful, and intelligent animals. These cute creatures come in a variety of species that make them such a widespread community altogether. They love to relax, bask in the sun and swim as fast as they can. Oh, and they also feature an undying love for noisy barking for some reason. 

These marine mammals have an average lifespan of 20 years, but they can live for 30 years in some cases. Also, they are often confused with seals, but there are significant differences between them. If you think you had no idea about these facts, wait till you unleash more. 

Here are the fascinating facts about Sea Lions that will make your jaw drop!  

Sea Lions – a unique variety of species 

Charismatic, full of energy, and fun-loving, Sea Lions are all things exciting. These active creatures are acrobatic animals that bring visitors from all across the world every season. Their sleek body with hints of uniqueness add to their exhilarating nature altogether. 

Generally, these animals are quite large and may weigh as much as 1500 pounds. Males are larger and heavier than females, so that they may weigh even 1 ton in many cases. However, females are typically 700 pounds and have a length of 9feet. The males also feature a sagittal chest and large bump on their heads. Females are generally smaller. 

Both males and females live together peacefully in large colonies. In most cases, the large ones may also be subdivided into small territories. Together, they love to spend time basking in the sun and treating themselves with serenity. No doubt, they are adorable animals!

What is most exciting about these animals is that they come in a variant of species. In the Californian Sea, Lions are most common. You may also find Australian Sea Lions, New Zealand Sea Lions, Galapagos Sea Lions, and Stellar’s Sea Lions. Oh, and the South American Sea Lions are equally interesting. It is evident by their names that each species lives in different places as per their names. Although these species may live in diverse countries, they resemble each other in uniqueness and cheerfulness. 

These animals are known to have poor eyesight. However, sources suggest that they may see better underwater than on Land. 

Sea Lions are ardent lovers of seafood 

Typically, our marine friends are not picky eaters. These animals are voracious predators as they are carnivores. Thus, they prey on a variety of marine animals daily. Depending on the region and the season, they love to experiment with various seafood. 

Salmon, Tuna, Small shark species, Octopuses, and Molluscs are the most famous kinds. You may also find them preying on Orcas, dogfish, Whiting, and Herring occasionally. 

Unfortunately, Sea Lions may also consume marine debris that may result in harmful reactions for them. As a result, the danger of their extinction is widening each year rapidly. So, they use all their 34 to 38 teeth to catch, tear and eat these different foods for themselves. 

Their breeding process is awe-striking 

The breeding season is where Sea Lions may become a bit aggressive and territorial. This happens because they gather in large groups where the breeding occurs and thus require specific territories to do the same with their female. So, they become ferocious and may begin to battle with one another awfully. During this time, females move their territories where the male choose from a harem of females and mate with them. The males also protect them for the same. 

The Californian female sea lions generally require a 12-month gestation period. Amidst these 12 months, three months are delayed due to implantation. This signifies that their eggs have been fertilized, but they need to wait for them to develop. Thus, the young ones are born the following year. 

Fun facts to leave you thinking!

1. Their speed on land is quick

Sea Lions can hop and move quickly on Land as they have a flexible pelvis. So, even when they run short distances, they can outpace humans.

2. Their whiskers sense food 

The sensitive whiskers of Sea Lions are helping them feel vibrations underwater. That is how they can hunt their food instantly. 

3. They can dive deep underwater 

Sea Lions also possess the ability to dive as far as 600 feet deep underwater, searching for seafood. That is why they are known as ferocious predators. 

4. They learn tricks super-fast 

When humans train them on Land, Sea Lions have shown signs of learning tricks quickly and adapting to them perfectly in no time., making them also affectionate animals.

The Bottom Line 

Without a doubt, Sea Lions are fascinating creatures that will bring a bright smile to your face with their unique characteristics and super-cute behaviour. Don’t miss on them when you can grab a chance to interact with these animals next time!

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