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World’s funniest animals: they’ll surely tickle your bones

Animals have distinctive personalities that stand out. Some animals are scary, others are beautiful to look at. But there are some animals that can tickle our bones with their funny selves. In this article, we are highlighting some of these creatures that have won our hearts with their goofy personality.

  1. Tarsiers

These tiny primates are found in Southeast Asia’s islands. Recently they have been divided into three genera, Phillippine, eastern and western, including 18 species. Their enormous eyes are what distinguishes them; each eyeball measures approximately 16-mm in diameters. Another interesting fact about this species is that they have the ability to turn their head to 180-degrees in each direction. 

The hind limbs of this species are twice as long as its body. They are built for leaping and only seen jumping from one place to another. Additionally, their fingers are long and sticky which helps them grip different surfaces.

  1. The Silkie Chicken

If you think the name is goofy, wait until you actually see this chicken. They are called different names in various parts of the world including aliens, fluff-balls, teddy bears, etc. Their strange appearance, mothering abilities, and friendliness will make you fall in love with this animal. Their head is crested, making it appear similar to a pom-pom. 

There is also a comb, which has mulberry or black comb color. And if there is any other color to the comb, then it is not a pure breed. And the body of this chicken is stout and broad with a full breast and short back. While normal chicken has four toes, Silkie holds five toes with two outer toes being feathered.

  1. Meishan Pigs

China has been breeding domestic pigs for many years now and Meishan Pigs are a result of one such breeding. This is one of the oldest livestock pig breeds that originated from Taihu. When you will first see a Meishan pig, you will instantly be reminded of a bulldog.  And they have similar personalities too- droopy and floppy; they spend most of their day sleeping. 

In fact, you will have to wake them up often to feed them. Meishen primarily feeds on pasture. Another thing about this species is that they do not grow as quickly as other commercial breeds. However, their growth outpaces other forms of heritage breeds. While this species is extremely cute, they have become endangered.

  1. Proboscis Monkey

Also known as the long-nosed monkey, Proboscis Monkey is a unique arboreal Old World Money. As the nickname suggests, the primary distinction of this monkey is its long nose along with reddish-brown skin and long tail. You can only find these monkeys on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. 

You will see them mostly in the Mangrove forests as well as on the coastal regions of the island. These are not an aggressive monkey and strive by living in a group without any serious tiff with others. They are reckoned for using different vocalizations. Proboscis Monkey may induce fear or laughter, but they’re cute in their own way.

  1. Pufferfish

This is a unique sea animal that is able to transform itself by changing its color and shape. It is a slow-moving and gorgeous fish that can turn into the deadliest creatures in the world if they feel threatened. You can find around 100 species of pufferfish and they are commonly seen in the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 

They either live on sand flats or on the reefs. As the name suggests, they puff up to double or triple their actual size. They do this by their ability to ingest a lot of water and air in threatening situations. This transformation scares the predators and makes them look difficult to eat.

  1. Gerenuk

Gerenuk is also referred to as Waller’s Gazelle and is the longest-necked species of the gazelle tribe. They feature a two-tone coloration buff accompanied by a reddish-brown saddle. Additionally, the rump patch, underparts, chin, throat patch, eye rings, lips, etc. are all white. 

The S-shaped annulled horns in the male are the distinctive characteristic of this species. Their pointed snout and extended neck and limb are adapted to nibbling on the leaves of thorny trees and shrubs. Although they are goofy, they are less social. Gerenuk prefers semi-closed habitat and is commonly found in Somalia and Kenya.

  1. Beluga Whale

It is one of the cutest sea animals that are found in the Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean.  The name Beluga is derived from the Russian work Bielo, which means white. Although their stark white appearance is what sets them apart, these are actually born dark gray. After eight years of their birth, they turn white. 

This goofy looking white whale is able to swim backward as well. They are also known to change the shape of their forehead by blowing air to the sinuses. Beluga whales are often seen doing funny things in the sea and are among the friendliest sea creatures.

Final Thoughts

Animals have the immense ability to love and make our lives better. Above are some of the cutest animals that you will ever come across. Just one look at them will make your day better. 

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