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The legend of the Phoenix – is it all just folklore?

Phoenixes are exciting creatures we have all heard of at some point or another. Most rumours suggest that they are real, but the obscure facts relating to them make it far from the truth for us to believe in. It is thought that these beautiful creatures are immortal. They rise from their ashes after burning and turn into a living Phoenix all over again. In the Harry Potter books and movies, it was also revealed that Phoenixes have healing powers. But how far are these things true? Is it all just folklore or a fact for real? Let us find out as we read. 

The mysteries Of Phoenix 

Although most people have not seen a Phoenix, it is fair to believe that they may exist. These birds are alive and go on to live for thousands of years. Due to their red and yellow body, Phoenixes resemble fire in the shape of a bird. The bird is magnificent to look at and may also bring success and prosperity to people who spot them. Phoenixes are also said to lay no eggs. That is why their species may be scarce. But how do we know about these birds? 

Different mythologies that accept the existence of Phoenixes

Phoenixes come from Greek mythology, where they are one of the most beautiful and mystical creatures to ever exist on the planet. Many people have also recorded their marvellous beauty on cameras and claim to have seen these rare birds in flight. What is even more intriguing is that Phoenixes have their name in every region of the world. But the original name Phoenix comes from the word Photos which means blood red. That is why people from all across the globe yearn to spot this bird at least once in their lifetime, if that is possible. In Greek mythology, this bird lived in Arabia and bathed itself in the rivers each morning. It also sang melodic songs, and the sun stopped its chariot to hear these beautiful birds sing. As such, it is believed that the sun was the mentor of this bird. 

In Egypt, too, it was a critical bird known for the worship of the sun. It is believed that the last Phoenix we know that ever existed may have lived for 500 years. 

Egyptians often believed that Phoenixes were a symbol of immortality and eternal city. It was also believed that Phoenixes indicated the process of resurrection- meaning life after death. 

It is Islamic Mythology too, and it is believed that Phoenixes were massive birds that lived a happy life until they got plagued and were killed. But how much of all this is true? Who knows?

Although many people claim it to be a myth, several reasons to believe that they exist, the Bible also states both Phoenixes and Unicorns, but their appearance has changed over the years, and we fail to spot them correctly. It is also possible that due to their rare species, they hide somewhere and are extremely rare to find. Apart from this, we also believe that Phoenixes could exist somewhere that we have no idea about. That is why people think that these are mythical creatures and only live in the pages of folklore. 

Harry Potter movie scene
Phoenixes were mystical but adorable 

Typically, it is said that these creatures do not harm anybody. That is why they are pretty delicate and sweet. It is also said that when they try to create their nests, they do it over water bodies like rivers, wells and more. But what is simply an exaggeration and what is genuinely authentic is far from being known. That is why we cannot be sure about these things. 

1. Many mythologies, including Chinese, Persian and Islamic, mention Phoenix. 

2. It is believed that Phoenixes could live for nearly 97,000 years. 

3. It is believed that Phoenixes owned the spirit of fire. 

4. Many cities like Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California showcase a symbol of Phoenix rising from its ashes. 

5. It is believed that Phoenixes could also transform into human beings. 

6. Even today, a person who walks out of trauma or any massive problem is said to be a Phoenix. 

The bottom line 

Due to an assortment of good reasons to believe in the existence of Phoenixes, we hardly think they were just a part of folklore. They naturally existed or continue to exist even today. However, we do not know how to spot them or where to do it. But that doesn’t mean we should give up hope. We can all spot a phoenix inside of ourselves, even in the darkest of times. When you emerge strongly from pain, defeat a problem in your life or learn to become a better version of yourself, you are no less than a Phoenix.