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Whale vs Shark – The most ferocious predator

When we think of the most ferocious marine predator, sharks tend to cross our minds without a second thought. But upon closer inspection, you will realize that it is the whale that is the ace of all. Especially the Killer Whale or Orca Whale is the worst of its kind to consume any marine animal. You will be shocked to know that these creatures are also the king of their food chain, meaning that they have no natural predators on Earth. 

Could you find out more about this as we read? 

Whale vs Shark- Why the former makes the latter lose

Sharks are impeccable swimmers, which makes them speed up to 15mph. Although Whales are the winning predators, they only have a speed of 4mph. However, they can speed up to 30mph on rare occasions. 

But what matters is that whales are the most ferocious predators known to humanity, and here’s how!


Amidst all the sharks, the Great White Shark is the worst with exceptional hunting skills. These solitary hunters move intelligently to feed on their prey. As they are blessed with sensing animals even from 800feet away, they come to attack them by surprise. So, when it detects its prey from afar, it takes charge, becomes alert, and positions itself under to swim as fast as it can without being caught. 

As soon as it reaches its prey, it bursts out of the water, which gives minimal time to the game for escape. As a result, they get caught by them right away and bleed to death. So, sharks use their sharp teeth to clinch their flesh and make them bleed to death. After this, they begin to feast on other prey. Sharks love fatty animals like Sea lions, dolphins, and otters that help them stay fuller for longer. They also love to feast on Porpoises, Sea turtles, and other fishes in the marine world. 

Although these creatures are voracious predators of many marine animals, they do not eat whales as they fear them. However, there have been only a few cases where sharks were feasting on the carcass of a Killer Whale. However, it is unknown whether eating Whales could be healthy for sharks. 


Unlike Sharks, Whales have a different technique of predating. They gather a dozen animals of their species to hunt with perfection. That is why they are trained to catch hold of their prey smartly to feast on them. Thus, they hunt in pods. 

Killer Whales are the most famous species of their kind and also the deadliest predators. Their diet is an assortment of marine meat that varies from one location to another. Mainly their diet consists of Salmon, Seals, Fish, Squids, and even Octopus. They also love to feast on other marine creatures like sea birds, sea turtles, and sea lions. You may also find penguins and other animals on their list.

With teeth that can be as long as 4 inches, they use their mouth to tear apart the body of each animal they prey on. They do this before swallowing, which can be a dreadful nightmare to observe even from a distance. 

To make matters worse, these creatures are so beastly that they could even eat up a whole Great White Shark. That is why these sharks tend to flee as soon as they see a flock of Whales approaching them underwater. However, it is a rare sight that may vary from their dependence on mood and more. 

Do they prey on humans?

We don’t care about who is the winner as long as we know they could be their prey. Although we are not generally a part of their menu full of marine variants, there is a high possibility that both whales and sharks could predate on us effectively. 

There have also been numerous cases of the same that make us believe in it powerfully. So, you may never want to get close to these awful predators, as that might be the last time you lived. 

A few years ago, there have also been cases of whale attacks during whale shows. That is why these shows were completely phased out in 2017. Many zoos also do not have these predators as they are the worst creatures to behold. 

The Bottom Line 

Both sharks and whales are deadly predators that leave nothing alive if they cross their paths. Killer whales can be 23 feet long and weigh around 6,000lbs. On the other hand, Sharks weigh only 15 to 21 feet with up to 1,500 to 2,500lbs. 

Although they may look similar to each other, they are very different from one another. So, if you ever come across these predators, you know what to do!