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Top 5 curious and weirdest dinosaurs

Dinosaurs ruled across the entire Earth 180 million years ago. These prehistoric titans lived on the land, water, and on both. They evolved to fit in all niches and habitats right beneath the sun. Experts say that they are one of the unique set of creatures to ever live on the blue planet. Even though Steven Spielberg did show you a glimpse of these dinosaurs, there have been several others, which are super weird. You already know about the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-REX, but some are unique and extraordinary that roamed the earth.

The most-weirdest dinosaurs to ever exist

Given below are the most bizarre and downright weird dinosaurs that you must know about. Look below!

1.  Amargasaurus

The Amargasaurus is a sauropod, which means it had a long tail and neck and walked on 4-legs. Amargasaurus was found in 1991 in Argentina. But when compared to other sauropods, such as Brachiosaurus, the dinosaur is pretty tiny in size. It maxes around 35 feet long and weighs between 2 to 3 tons. The most unique about this prehistoric creature is its Mohawk-style spines. 

For such reasons, it earned the nickname of punk rock dinosaur. Amargasaurus has two rows of spines that grow from its neck and end at its tail. Due to the spine formation, it looks like a Mohawk. The male and female Amargasaurus have spines on them, and the males have the most conspicuous spines. 

2.  Concavenator 

Two reasons make the Concavenator the weirdest dinosaur ever. Firstly, it’s the glance, and the second one needs proper inspection. The first reason is that this meat-eating dinosaur is equipped with a small triangular-shaped hump right in the middle of its back. It’s with an ornate sail of bones and skin. Otherwise, you can think of it as a weird-looking hump. Secondly, the forearms of the Concavenator have plume knobs, which sprouted coloring feathers on the mating seasons. Otherwise, this cretaceous theropod was similar to the lizard-skinned dinosaur, Allosaurus. 

3.  Incisivosaurus

The Incisivosaurus stands out as one of the absurd dinosaurs of all time. It’s a buck-tooth dinosaur that lived 128 million years ago. The bird-like creature was freakish for its unusual teeth, which is rare among mammals. To provide you with a clear picture of how it looked, take Zazu from the Disney animation, Lion King and add a buck-teeth. But due to its bizarre anatomy, it helped reveal various secrets about another dinosaur known as the Oviraptor. Experts believe that the Oviraptors were birds that lost their power to fly over time. But later on, studies showed that Incisivosaurus were the relatives of the Oviraptors, which instantly vetoed the conjecture that they came from birds. 

4.  Nothronychus

You might be familiar with Therizinosaurus, a long-clawed, pot-bellied, and bizarre dinosaur from Central Asia. The Nothronychus is its cousin and stands out as the very first dinosaur of its kind, which was discovered in North America. The discovery of this occurred when the paleontologists concluded that the Therizinosaurus was nothing but an Asian phenomenon. Unlike Therizinosaurus, Nothronychus had a simple herbivore diet. This is a pretty strange evolutionary choice when the creature falls under the theropod category. 

5.  Pliosaurus

The Pilosaurus was a marine reptile that ruled (more like haunted) the oceans till the late Jurassic era. This aquatic beast has a short neck and a massive jaw. The unique thing about this creature was its giant skeleton and had an 8-feet long head. Many studies and experts have provided evidence that the Pilosaurus was one of the most dangerous killer machines during its era. 

Other types of bizarre dinosaurs that roamed across the blue planet

There are several other dinosaurs, which are super weird and unusual, that lived on earth. Look below!

1.  Mamenchisaurus

Even though the Mamenchisauros might have some similarities with the Brontosaurus, they do have differences. The neck of Mamenchisaurus is 45-feet long and has one of the most-longest necks after Sauroposeidon. Mamechisauros weighs around 60,000 pounds and is strengthened through plant-based nutrition. They had teeth shaped like a spatula that made it easier for them to eat in large quantities. The total body length is 115 feet, which is much more when compared with Brontosaurus. 

2.  Dilong

Dilong was a very small Tyrannasauroid, which was only 6-feet long from the tail to the nose. The creature was around 2-feet tall and had feathers on its tail. Its name Dilong translates to Emperor’s Dragon. 

Parting thoughts

Numerous other weird and unusual dinosaurs called planet earth their home. Some of them are so strange that you will be surprised to know that they existed. Each of these creatures was massive and lived both in the ocean and the land.

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