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Top 5 pets you didn’t know existed

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a child again? When faced with adorable things, our brains release dopamine that makes us feel happy. From the big and fluffy panda bear in China or its cousin, the red pandas of India – these are just two examples from an endless list of cutest animals in this world! In this article, we have listed some cutest pet animals which you have ever seen that will make you feel happy. 

We have all seen hamsters, dogs, and cats as pets. But there are some other animals that you may not know about yet! These top five pet animals below might be the new addition to your home- they will make everyone happy.

  1. Quokka:

When the quokka has taken over your Instagram feed, and you can’t get enough of those cute furry faces, it might be time to visit them in their natural habitat. The little marsupials are known for having a “happy smile” that masks what is really happening to these fluffy creatures: they’re endangered due to human interference with their habitats.

Although many tourists have traveled all the way from around the globe just so they could snap some selfies with this cheerful creature; despite its happy grin, it’s actually considered vulnerable-to-extinction because of humans tearing down forests where quokkas live or introducing invasive species into territory that was once theirs alone (like cats).

  1. Margay:

The margay cat is a nocturnal animal that lives mainly in trees and has been known to spend up to 80% of its day sleeping. This feline’s tail acts as a counterweight for balance, weighing about 70 percent of the size of their body which averages out at thirteen pounds! The only other creature with this feature is the common squirrel, who spends most if not all it’s time sending down tree trunks headfirst like an acrobat. 

If you’re interested in adding one or more cats into your home but want something distinctive from any others you’ve seen before, then consider adopting a rare breed such as this beautiful South American native – chances are they’ll be very happy living among family members, unlike some breeds that would prefer solitude too much while living in groups.

  1. Klipspringer:

Nicknamed the ‘rock jumper,’ this species spends its days hopping around cliffs in eastern and southern Africa, a mere five meters apart from their mate. It is camouflaged thanks to its greyish fur against the mountains of Eastern Africa where it lives. 

The klipspringer often mates for life but will leave when one dies or becomes too old to reproduce anymore; they typically go off on their own while most other animals live with kin groups instead. This solitary lifestyle has been attributed by scientists as an evolutionary adaptation that allows them better camouflage themselves during mating season, so nearby males don’t disrupt breeding opportunities for both sexes.

  1. Japanese Weasel:

A white weasel, Mustela itatsi, is native to the Japanese islands of Honshū and Kyushu. It hunts along rivers in summer when there are no snow coverings but uses its fur coat during winter months so that it can camouflage itself under a blanket of pure white.

A small animal with an opportunistic appetite for rodents created by humans such as rats or mice, the Japanese Weasel (Mustela) has keen senses that help them hunt their prey even over long distances while carefully camouflaging themselves wherever they go – be it on riverbanks near forests where many animals live; deep within fields which produce crops like rice and soybeans; or underneath piles of leaves gathered up into big heaps around human homes.

  1. Fennec fox:

The Fennec Fox, a species of fox found in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, has adapted to life on hot sandy deserts by being small enough that it can cool its body through evaporation. The giant ears help them listen for prey as well as dissipate heat during the day when water is scarce.

The story starts with an introduction to one of nature’s most fascinating creatures: the fennec fox-a a desert dweller who lives off termites and other small animals thanks to their huge ears, which are twice as large as their face! These oversized features allow these furry friends to hear sounds from far away underground, such as hungry ants crawling around or rodents scratching about too close underfoot (making it incredibly hard not to reach out grab!). 


This blog post is about the top five animals that people love to have as pets, but they do not know much about them. There are many animals that people do not know about, but they would be great as pets. These five are some of the top ones.