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7 Animals living in the arabian desert

There are innumerable Animals that live in the Arabian Desert. Generally, the climate is dry here, and places receive rainfall lower than 50mm per year. Although the animals are pretty diversified due to human prosecution and hunting, they are somewhat endangered now. That is why special measures are being undertaken to preserve them well. 

If you are excited about learning which animals live in the Arabian desert, this article is for you. Make sure you read it till the end for more information. You are bound to find it helpful. 

  1. Sandgrouse

These birds are nearly 22 to 40 cm long and have pointed wings. They also have tough skin and feathers that make them very difficult to kill. They can also walk rapidly. Generally, the females give out dark-coloured eggs during the depression. They also have pin-like feathers that make them so unique to everyone. These creatures also end up having compact bodies and pigeon-like heads and necks. That is why we recommend you spot them whenever possible. We promise; you will love to look at them. 

  1. Locusts 

Locusts are another creature you might be able to find in plenty when you visit the Arabian desert. So, you have to be quite careful wherever you go. They can be 460 square miles in size. As such, they can make your life difficult in many ways. These Locusts can eat lots of plants each day and fly around 100 to 200 kilometres without any hesitation. However, they can be good sources of protein and other nutrients when in need. But beware, as they can be pretty loud. By using expansion and contraction, they can make lots of heavy noises. So, you can have a tough time around them. 

  1. Baboons 

If you have never seen the world’s largest Monkey’s, the Arabian Desert is where you need to be. Baboons can genuinely make your day if you spot them in the right place. These creatures can grow up to 24 to 30 inches, and they may even weigh as much as a human child. But did you know that the male ones are twice as large as the female Baboons? Also, they are not interested in eating humans, but they may attack if you try to harm them in any way. So, it is best to let them do their job and not come in their way. 

  1. Arabian Wolves

Although Arabian Wolves are rarely found in this region, you can still spot them if you do it right. This is because they are now almost extinct. But unlike ordinary wolves, these Arabian Wolves do not howl. They also do not have a habit of living in packs. It also has its middle toes fused—generally, the Arabian Wolves way around 25 to 26 inches. The adult wolves weigh approximately 45 pounds. These creatures also do not have any sweat glands and may have small skulls. They also have a thinner coat and petite body. 

  1. Egyptian Uromastyx

These are the world’s most giant Lizards, and you will be fascinated to see them in this region. You are more likely to find them in North Africa and the Middle East today. They have an average length of 72 cm and may look quite creepy like most other Lizards do. Dry and rocky areas are their favourite places to live in. But make sure that when you get close to them, you remain cautious. Since they have a strong bite, you may end up in lots of pain. So, why take a risk? Also, if you end up getting bit, make sure you call upon the doctor at the earliest. 

  1. Namaqua Dove

A small Sparrow-sized Pigeon is as beautiful as no other bird you have ever seen. The Namaqua Dove is nearly 28 to 33 cm long and has a very long black tail. Seeds, grasses and weeds are their daily food. They are herbivores, so they naturally do not eat any creatures. Mostly, you will find them in grey, white and black colours everywhere. Their feathery body makes them look alluring and attracts tourists from all across the world. That is why we recommend you to look at them when you visit the place. 

  1. Red Foxes 

Most people who take one glance at Red Foxes think they are adorable. But did you know that they can do more harm to you than good? These creatures have five toes, but their hind feet only contain four. They also have superb hearing skills that allow them to escape predators and catch prey easily. Generally, they have a single mate forever, but they do not make good pets at all. So, do not even try. 

The bottom line 

These were some of our favourite animal species to find in the Arabian Desert. Their unique features attract people from all across the globe. So, if you are planning to visit the region anytime soon, do not forget to look at them. You will love the experience.

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