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Top amazing animal moms you must know!

We all know that moms are amazing. They do so much for their kids, and they make sure that everything is perfect. But what about animal moms? Animals have to take care of their babies just as much, if not more, than humans because the stakes are high! This blog post will tell you a little bit more about some amazing animal moms who go above and beyond to protect their children!

  1. Orangutan

The orangutan is one of the most endangered animals in the world. They are losing their homes to deforestation, and they will soon be extinct! The momma orangutan has an amazing skill that helps her protect her children from danger- she can throw a rope with both hands, up to 60 feet high into trees so that it wraps around the branches and she can climb it to get away from danger.

An average orangutan weighs about 200 pounds, but when they carry their babies on their back- they weigh as much as 450 pounds! That’s a lot of weight for an already endangered animal to take care of! Fortunately, many mother orangutans take care of their children for up to ten years.

The mother orangutan will spend most of her day with her baby, and she’ll teach them what they need to know about living in the forest and protecting themselves from danger. It’s a hard life, but she is an amazing mom!

  1. African Elephant

The African Elephant is also endangered- only about 400,000 of them are left in the wild. They have a tendency to roam far distances, and some mothers will migrate with their herd for up to four months! During migration season, elephants may not be able to feed themselves as much, so they rely on the momma elephant’s milk which she has to produce.

Elephants have an amazing sense of hearing and smell, so they can detect danger from a mile away! When the mother elephant senses that there is something wrong, she’ll protect her baby by keeping him close or leading them in another direction. They’re smart animals- for example, if momma elephant hears gunshots, she will cover her baby’s ears with her trunk to protect them!

Elephants have a tight bond, and they stay together for life. The mother elephant will nurse the calf, teach him what he needs to know about being a brave elephant. Elephants are amazing animals, and their moms deserve all of the credit!

  1. Cheetah

Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world! They can run up to 75 mph, and some cheetah moms will teach their babies how to be brave when they’re scared, even if it means laying down next to them.

Mothers raise their young in isolation so that predators cannot track them by smell, and they must move every four days for safety reasons. Once 18 months have passed and training as hunters has been completed, cubs leave their mothers, who then form sibling groups of six individual cats each.

After another 6-month period together, siblings split up again into new packs; these will happen at least twice more before adulthood until eventually one female establishes her own territory where she can breed without competition from other females looking to produce heirs or get rid of rivals’ offspring through infanticide rituals called despotic lactation.

  1. Polar bears

Attentive polar bear mothers usually give birth to twin cubs that can stay by her for up to two years in order to learn the necessary skills needed for a life of hunting and survival. The moms dig into deep snowdrifts, creating a space protected from the elements where they will spend time giving their young an important education on living through winter weather conditions.

Mothers typically have babies between November and January, with them staying bundled until March or April when they finally venture out outside to get used to cold temperatures before learning how to hunt prey themselves later down the road. 

Polar bears are strong and fierce animals that will protect their young at any cost. The mother polar bear is an amazing animal! The average life expectancy for a female grizzly bear in the wild is 16 years old, but some have been known to live up to 30 or even 40 years of age- with many not having offspring until after their 16th birthday.


The mother is an amazing animal, and she deserves all of the credit. Nature is full of some truly incredible moms! Mothers are caring, nurturing, and hard-working. They make incredible sacrifices for their children that sometimes include giving up their lives to protect them from danger. It is heartbreaking but also admirable the lengths these moms will go to in order to keep their babies safe. Hope this article has melted your hearts with amazing Moms’ love!

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