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How did dogs become the best friend of man?

Dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time. But how did they become that? They were domesticated and tamed by humans thousands of years ago, but when and why did the bond between dogs and humans start to develop? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular theories about dogs’ relationship with people. 

Theory 1: Dogs – the perfect companion for human beings:

Dogs have been companions to humans ever since the beginning of time. Back in those days, they were used for hunting and herding purposes. At some point, people started breeding them selectively to create various types of breeds with different skill sets. As a result, the bond between man and dog was created when people began to see them as a part of the family.

Dogs have been used for the company since ancient times. They offer unconditional love and support when you need it the most, even if they can’t understand what is going on inside of your head or how to solve all of life’s problems.

When we think about dogs in our lives, there are always two things that jump into mind– their companionship and loyalty, which never fails us no matter what may be happening around them as well as their ability to make a house feel like home with just one look from those puppy dog eyes waiting patiently by your side throughout each day without fail.

Theory 2: Dogs to protect humans from cold weather:

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend since before humans even existed. When hunter-gatherers started to gather, they found that the pelts of gray wolves were perfect for keeping them warm and dry during their travels across northern climates where there was no protection from snow or rain storms while hunting wild animals like deer or bison.

These canines had a cunning plan – if they followed these early people around, hanging out with hunters when it came time to eat dinner by scavenging leftovers off our plates and sleeping on top of us at night in order not get too cold, then neither one would ever go hungry again! And thus began an unbreakable bond between dogs (and humans) that has lasted thousands of years.

Dogs are one of the earliest domesticated animals, and over time they have become man’s best friend. Dogs were originally tamed by humans around 12 thousand years ago for hunting purposes; people would take them on hunts to help with tracking games, herding livestock, or guarding property. Over thousands of years, these canines began to stick around human groups for protection and food. As wolves began to be domesticated, they also became the first animals humans were able to call a pet.

Theory 3: Dogs the domesticated wolves:

The origins of man’s best friend have been traced back to ancient times when human ancestors began taking in wolf pups, which led to socializing them from infancy. Wolves instinctively operate in packs with a clear hierarchy – humans easily assumed the position as alpha wolves and established themselves as Those Who Must Be Obeyed.

There was an even greater pay-off when this dynamic duo became hunters on their own; while humans had skills and savvy that combined well with wolves’ speed and sense of smell for tracking down prey together, they were always at risk if left alone because hunting is not something naturally programmed into our DNA as it would be for the humble pack animal.

Most people don’t know that dogs are really just domesticated wolves, and there is a reason for this. Dogs were tamed by humans for a long time, and they were made to help humans in finding their prey, but also devour it quickly before anyone else got to the meal, so there was more to go around.

Theory 4: Dogs are the faithful creatures on the earth:

Dogs are the most faithful and understanding creatures. Even in our worst hours, they greet us with a wag of their tail that makes us forget all about how terrible we feel at that moment. They have been proven to be loyal time after time—something many people might not expect from an animal who is so often judged by appearance alone, but it’s these very same appearances that make dogs seem more human than any other creature on earth!

Dogs have a vital role in modern society. From drug-sniffing to bomb-detecting, dogs help save lives and prevent crimes from oftentimes happening before they even happen. One example of this is German shepherds, who are most commonly seen as police canines all around the world due to the 200-year-old tradition that has made them so effective at these tasks!


Dogs are man’s best friend because they have a long history of helping people and being used as work animals. Dogs also help by providing companionship, comfort, protection, and sociability, among other things. Hope this article is informative! Thank you for reading this article.

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