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Your cats are smarter than you ever imagined! Here is why

We have known cats as adorable pets who share the genetic line with lions and tigers. For years cats have been domesticated by humans, and now they have turned into their dear pets. Felines are also considered cunning and clever due to their selfish characteristics, but many owners like the boldness in their cats. 

But do you know there’s so much more to your cat that you didn’t know ever? It has been proven time and again that cats are intelligent creatures, and they can be far smarter than you think. 

Even scientists have found the scientific authentication that cats have smarter brains that make them understand things and respond to them. 

What Is Going On In Your Cat’s Brain?

Have you ever seen your cat wondering deep about something? You might have wanted to dig in their minds and see what is going on. It will only take you a few minutes of observation to realize that your cat is smarter than you thought. 

Cats have a much smaller brain than dogs. However, the size of the brain does not indicate intelligence. Dr. Lorie Huston from PetMD states that cat brains have similar structure similarities with human brains. He further explains that each part of the cat’s brain is effectively categorized and connected to each other. It allows them to understand, manipulate and respond to different things.

Dr. Berit Brogaard from Psychology Today clears that cats have more nerve cells in the cerebral cortex that are meant for planning, memory, problem-solving, language processing, and many more intellectual activities. So, when you see your cat running from one end of the house to the other, she might be probably chasing dust; your cat might be on a mission that you don’t understand.

We all know that the cat has a superior vision that even allows them to see clearly at night as well. They also have a great memory that is both short and long term. Maybe that’s why your cat gives you an evil eye when you pack your bags because she remembers the last time you packed it and left her. 

What The Science Has To Say About It?

Another indicator of cat’s smartness is their unwillingness to participate in research studies. They would simply don’t let you study their brain so easily. 

David Grimm, one of the leading animal researchers, states that he and his team have faced extreme difficulty in studying cat intelligence as the subject would not participate easily. Either they would not participate or follow the instructions properly. Maybe it is their way of showcasing their disinterest in studying their brains. 

Another leading animal researcher, Dr. Adam Miklosi, had to visit the cat’s home as they were not cooperative in the lab surroundings. The scientists were willing to learn more about the cats as they discovered their intelligence. It is only a matter of getting stubborn felines to follow the instructions, which is the most tedious task of the researches. Even though scientists had to suffer a lot, they have found some meaningful findings from the researches.

Who Is Smarter? Cats or Dogs?

It is a question that everyone seeks an answer to who is smarter, your cat or dog? It depends on who you ask the question. If you ask owners, they will definitely take sides with their pets. However, if you ask animal researchers, you might get some staunch answers.

To be logical, dogs have been domesticated for longer than cats and categorized among social creatures, but that doesn’t mean cats are less intelligent than them.

It is quite impossible to pull out a factual statement because cats are tricker to study during the research process. According to the studies of Dr. Miklosi, cats have a better understanding of what humans are trying to communicate compared to dogs. Dr. Miklosi also found that cats don’t rely on their pet parents as much as dogs do. It clearly states their intelligence over the canine counterparts. Cats are not tuned in with humans as much as dogs are; maybe it is one of the reasons why cats don’t depend on their owners. But surely, they are smarter than dogs.

The Bottom Line

Cats are beyond their cunning and clever moves. They are deemed to be intelligent creatures who have the ability to decipher things and respond to different things. Science has proven that cats have more neurons in the cerebral cortex, but researchers are unable to dig deep. So, for science, their brains still remain a black box.

It is also said that the mysterious nature of the cats makes them compelling and intriguing. Scientists may take some more time to find out specific answers; till then, you can enjoy the fact that your cat is smarter than you ever imagined. 

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