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13 Amazing facts about starfish that you’ve never heard before

Star fishes are adorable creatures for all the right reasons. They are also one of the most unique animals you will ever come across. Let us find out more exciting facts about them as we read.

  1. Starfishes live up to 35 years 

These cuties may seem tiny but can live longer than most marine animals. However, the biggest starfishes can have a longer life compared to the smallest ones. 

  1. They are edible 

Did you know that you can eat starfish? For years, there have been tremendous arguments upon the same, but the truth remains the same. While some people say it tastes like Sea Urchins, others say it has no taste at all. Well, it’s only when you eat one for yourself that you’ll know what it tastes like. Beijing is one of the most famous places where you can find them to eat in plenty.

  1. Sunflower sea stars are the largest starfishes

Found in the North East Pacific Ocean, these starfishes are the largest of the lot with a 1-meter length. They also feature 16 to 24 arms that are not typically seen in this species. These come in diverse colors like red, yellow, and orange. Naturally, they are super fascinating and offer a sight to behold. 

  1. They can survive for one and a half days on land 

Most marine animals may have a tough time without living in the water. But starfishes are an incredible exception. These beautiful creatures can go on to live for 28 hours without water. What is best is that they can do this without any harm at all. So, if you are lucky enough, you can find these cuties on the shore near rocks and other pilings. 

  1. They fertilize underwater 

A process called free spawning is what occurs between the male and female starfishes during their sexual reproduction in water. This is the method that they use to create babies where they release sperms and eggs for the same. So, the sperm eggs will float until they come in contact with one another. 

  1. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually

Yes. Starfishes are born with the ability to produce in both these cases. So, it can be a lot of fun trying to watch them that way! 

  1. Starfish is not a fish

Although you may have thought, due to their name, that starfishes are fish, that is not true. They are sea stars that you can find in many marine regions across the world. However, they can indeed breathe through their gills, and they also have fins like that of a fish. 

  1. Their species is spread in thousands

You can find thousands of starfish species that live in diverse marine regions across the world. Thus, mapping out different starfish species can indeed be a sight to behold. Many of them are also present in tropical and polar regions. 

  1. They can regenerate their arms

Did you know that these species can even regenerate a lost arm? Yes, as fascinating as it may sound, they can do this, which proves to be highly useful for them in various situations. So, whether they are injured or tried to escape and lost an arm, they can constantly regenerate it later. Since these animals house most of their essential organs in themselves, they find it easy to do the same. However, it takes almost a year or two to make this happen. 

  1. They move with their tube feet

If you thought they couldn’t move with no legs, that is not true. Sea stars can proceed with theirtube feet that help them to move quicker than most other animals. Watching them walk is a treat to the eye. 

  1. They have eyes

You may have thought that messing with these babies was easy because they are blind, but you’re mistaken. Starfishes have eyes that help them move to and FRO with visual help. They have an eyespot at the end of each arm. This means that the five-armed starfish has five eyes while the 40-armed sun star has 40 of them. 

  1. They can feel pain 

Despite no heart, no brain, and no blood in their bodies, starfishes can feel excruciating pain when they get hurt or fall into a devil-hole situation. This is because of the complex nervous system they possess that helps them think this when in need. 

  1. Royal starfish lives 70 to 100feet deep in the ocean 

One of the bright-colored starfishes known as royal starfish lives around 70 to 100 feet deep in the sea. Thus, they are rarely seen on the surface. They can even go as deep as 600feet into the sea to hunt mollusks. Unlike other starfish species, this one eats its prey whole. 

The Bottom Line 

Starfishes are beautiful, unique, and fun to watch. The next time you get to see them, do not forget to observe everything we have mentioned above. It is going to be a lot of fun!