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How to take a picture of your dog: Foolproof tips

We all love to keep our memories captured in pixels. Whether we know photography tricks or not, it is more like a necessity to keep the memorable moments of our people and pets. 

Yes, pets are also an essential part of our lives. From the day you bring them home, it’s an instant connection that both you and your pet forms. Especially dogs make really great pets and subjects for your photography. All you need to do is know the trick to click the best pictures. 

“According to a pet survey, around 50% of dog parents post photos of their pooches on social media every week/month. Surprisingly, more than 20% of dog parents have even created accounts for their canines.” 

So, it is pretty evident that pet photography is popular among pet parents. But it takes a lot of efforts to get the right picture in the right mood. 

If you have already tried and failed to capture your naughty pet, we are here with a bunch of foolproof pet photography tips.  

#1 Get On Their Level Of Height

Pets are smaller than us, and the angle we look upon them makes them look even smaller. If you click a picture of your dog by standing next to them, you will get weird clicks. Hence, it would help if you came to their level to explore how you can take adorable pictures. 

Try lying next to them, crawl on the ground with them or roll over and see how your pictures come out to be. It is one of the first tips that you need to keep handy for better and clearer pet photographs. 

#2 Go For Natural Light

Most of the time, pet parents get bad pictures of their dog due to the lack of adequate lighting. Sometimes you take pictures indoors and use artificial lights to get the best frame. Flashlights make your dog’s eyes look red and scary. 

Instead, you need to rely on the natural light, a.k.a sunlight, when you want to take pictures. You can avoid the situation of red eyes and a poor frame with the help of natural light. Take your dog outside on the lawn, make them comfortable and click photographs in natural light.

#3 Their Character Is The Best Theme

For those Insta-worthy clicks, people often think of creating themes and shoot ideas. Pet parents are seen dressing up their dog in different characters to make the shoot fun. But what we suggest is that your dog’s nature is the best theme you can create for a photoshoot. 

For instance, if your dog is lazy, you can take a picture of him/her yawning. If you got a naughty pooch, you could catch them doing their little tricks in the house. The best way to get an awesome picture is to frame them in their nature. 

#4 Focus on Details

Taking photographs in landscape mode is good when you also want to include the backdrop. But it may not always work to highlight your dog. So, you need to focus on taking close-ups that will show the details of your canine. You can highlight their features like eyes, ears, paws and more. 

If your dog has some unique physical feature that is great to highlight, close-ups would be the best option to showcase them. You can definitely get fantastic pictures if you focus on capturing the photogenic details of your dog. 

#5 Wait For The Best Timing

Pet photography majorly depends on choosing the best timing for a click. To capture your pet in a playful mood, never prepare to take pictures after their nap. You need to schedule a time where you can get the best pictures of your pooch in a jolly mood. 

Each pet has a time in the entire day when they are the most joyous and go berserk. That’s when you need to capture them. You need to wait till the clock strikes right to make the most of your photographs. 

#6 Try Using Props

To make your frames look more fun and alluring, you can seek assistance from props. You can use different items with which your dog can pose in the photographs. 

Whether it is a toy or any household item, capture your dog when they pay attention to the particular object. Entice them with different things and save their behaviours on your camera. Make sure that you give them their toys after the shoot. 

The Bottom Line

No more getting disappointing clicks of your pooch anymore. With these photography tips, you can ace your skills and show off your pet dog on social media. Make sure to try each tip and see how it resonates in your photography. 

Your dog deserves to get the attention and love it deserves, and what’s better than creating some pixel full of memories with them.