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Meet the Persian-type cats

Are you, like us, also passionate about kittens? Then you are going to love this article in which we are going to talk about the different cat types of the Persian breed. They are cute, furry, gentle, and one of the most adored around the world. What you may not know is that there are different Persian-type cats and it is not always easy to identify each one of them. Let’s get to know a little about the features of each one. Enjoy reading and have fun!

Origin of Persian cats

As the name of this breed indicates, its origin dates back to Ancient Persia, a place now known as Iran. There are several theories about their origin, but one of the most accepted and known is that the ancestors of these types of cats were taken from Western Asia to the Persian region about 4 thousand years ago.

From the 17th century, Persian cats began to become popular in Europe, more specifically in Great Britain, when they started to become faithful companions of several families.

Common features of Persian cats

We will get to know some Persian-type cats during this reading, however, some features are common to all of them. One of those features is that they are passionate!

Despite the differences that exist between the diverse Persian-type cats, they all have flat noses, long and dense fur, robust bodies, very expressive and large eyes, and a calm and gentle personality. All of them are cute, beautiful, and sweet, but what do you think about meeting some of the types that are recognized worldwide? Let’s go!

Image: Blog Ferplast

Chinchilla Persian (or Silver & golden)

This kitten is quite specific among Persian-type cats and has a sophisticated appearance. It has only one color. It is white, very shiny, and with some dark hairs on the ends of the paws, tail, body, and face, which ends up giving it a silver look. Its little eyes are emerald green, round and large and look like they’ve been made up with black eyeliner. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant Persian-type cats.

It is known to be the most playful and social of all the Persian-type cats, which are usually calmer and quieter. However, the chinchilla Persian is outgoing and cheerful. They are considered medium to large-sized cats, weighing from 8 to 15 pounds as adults. The females are slightly smaller. Its height can reach 9 inches and its length, from the nose to the tail tip, varies from 17 to 21 inches. They live between 12 and 16 years.

Himalayan Persian

Perhaps this is the easiest Persian cat to recognize due to its coat. It looks a lot like a Siamese, with darker extremities (ear, muzzle, tail, and paws) and fine and dense fur, quite bulky. The Himalayan Persian cat is a crossbreed between the Persian and Siamese breeds and the color of its fur, which has a kind of gradient, was inherited from the Siamese, while the body structure came from the Persian. The base fur color of the Himalayan body is light, usually beige or white, and the extremities can have a variety of darker colors, including chocolate, brown, lilac, and cream-blue. These colors, combined with the intense blue of their eyes, make them one of the most beautiful cats in existence.

It is one of the most popular Persian-type cats known for being very obedient and calm. They are loyal, gentle, and docile companions. They are considered medium to large-sized felines, weighing between 7 to 15 pounds. Another case in which females are smaller than males. On average, it is 7 to 21 inches in height, and 17 to 21 inches long from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. They live between 12 and 16 years.

Solid Persian

In this type of Persian cat, its fur does not have nuances, stains, or gradients. The color of its fur is uniform and unique throughout its body. Long hair, dense and silky to the touch, being shorter on the face and legs. We can find these kittens in black, white, cream, chocolate, red, and lilac colors. Its eyes, large and expressive like its relatives, are copper in color. Only the ones who are in solid white furs can have blue eyes.

Similar to the others, they are considered medium to large-sized cats, weighing from 7 to 15 pounds as adults, again with the females being slightly smaller. Its height can reach almost 10 inches and its length, from the nose to the tip of the tail, varies from 17 to 21 inches. They live between 12 and 16 years.

Persian-type cats

Bicolor Persian

This is one of the Persian-type cats that can be found in the most varied looks, because, as the name says, they are bicolor, two colors, and the combinations are countless. Beige with orange, white with black, chocolate with white, in short, there are several combinations that can be made with fur with a white background and different colors that include red, lilac, cream, and many others. Its little eyes are always copper in color.

Persian-type cats

Particolor Persian

Particolor fur Persian cats are a very attractive variation of Persian colors. They have distinctive markings and different color patterns on their fur. They are not to be confused with the brindle ones, or, Tabby, which we will see next.


The particolor can have spots of different colors and shades in its coat. This makes its look so fascinating and distinguishes it when compared to other cats. White base with red spots, and black spots. They also have copper-colored little eyes.

Persian-type cats
Image: Alarmy

Tabby Persian

It may even look like a miniature tiger, but it’s just the Tabby Persian cat 😊. This Persian-type cat has fur with brindle spots, which can appear in blue, chocolate, silver, red, cream, and cameo colors. Like their breed “colleagues”, their furs are long, dense, and soft. Also, there are three distinct patterns: the brindle, the classic one, and the caballa. The eyes of this variety of Persian are bright copper, however, the silver ones can have green or hazel eyes.

Smoke & Shaded Persian

This kitten with this peculiar name has a peculiarity that impresses and delights: when it is lying down, quiet, and at rest, we can have the impression that it has only one color in its fur. However, when moving, walking, or rolling in any way, its hair begins to open, revealing another smoky color, which creates a very interesting effect. Smoke and shaded, as its name implies, is exactly what this majestic cat is, a “smoke” effect that we contemplate when we see this beauty moving. It’s a beauty without size!

However, these colors only appear when they are already grown up, around eight weeks of life. When newborn kittens, they only have a solid color, without nuances or stains. In these Persian-type cats, the eyes are also copper in color.

Persian-type cats
Image: PetMaxi


In the midst of so much beauty, can you fulfill the extremely difficult mission of choosing just one as the most beautiful of all? We, here at Proto Animal, gave up trying to choose and immediately gave the Most Beautiful Award to all of them! 😊

We hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about Persian cats and if you missed any information or even want to correct a little mistake (after all, we are human, we also make mistakes) leave your comment in the field below. It will be a great satisfaction to have you participating here with us.

Till next time!

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